Individual Members

Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible for election as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Total: 10593 Individual Members.

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Member Location NCA adherence
Glindemann, Andreas Germany Germany
Glinski, Robert J. United States United States
Glover , Simon C. O. Germany Germany
Glushkova, Elena V. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Gnat, Orly Israel Israel
Gnedin, Yurij N. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Goddi, Ciriaco United States United States
Godfrey, Peter Douglas Australia Australia
Godlowski, Wlodzimierz Poland Poland
Godwin, Jon Gunnar United Kingdom United Kingdom
Goebel, John H. United States United States
Goedbloed, Johan P. Netherlands Netherlands
Goedhart, Sharmila South Africa South Africa
Goelbasi, Orhan Mauritius Mauritius
Goharji, Adan Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Goicoechea, Luis J Spain Spain
Gokhale, Moreshwar H. India India
Golap, Kumar United States United States
Golay, Marcel Switzerland Switzerland
Goldbach, Claudine France France
Golden, Aaron Ireland Ireland
Goldes, Guillermo Victor Argentina Argentina
Goldman, Itzhak Israel Israel
Goldman, Martin V. United States United States
Goldreich, Peter United States United States
Goldsmith, Donald W. United States United States
Goldsmith, Paul F. United States United States
Goldstein, Richard M. United States United States
Goldwire, Jr., Henry C. United States United States
Goldwurm, Andrea France France
Golev, Valeri K. Bulgaria Bulgaria
Golovatyj, Volodymyr Ukraine Ukraine
Golub, Leon United States United States
Gomboc, Andreja Slovenia, the Republic of Slovenia, the Republic of
Gomes, Rodney D.S. Brazil Brazil
Gomez, Ana E. France France
Gómez, Daniel O. Argentina Argentina
Gomez, Edward Leocadio United Kingdom United Kingdom
Gomez, Gonzalez Jesus Spain Spain
Gomez, Haley L United Kingdom United Kingdom
Gomez, Maria Teresa Italy Italy
Gomez, Mercedes Argentina Argentina
Gomez, Monique Spain Spain
Gómez de Castro, Ana I. Spain Spain
Gómez Fernández, Jose Luis Spain Spain
Gómez Rivero, José Francisco Spain Spain
Gömöry, Peter Slovakia Slovakia
Gonçalves, Denise R. Brazil Brazil
Gonczi, Georges France France
Gondoin, Philippe A.D. Netherlands Netherlands
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