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Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible for election as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Individual Members listed in the IAU Directory have a valid, public email, and are affiliated to at least one Division. They are labeled as "active members". For corrections and updates, please contact

Total number of IAU members:11353. Number of Individual Members in the IAU Directory: 9188

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Name Location NCA adherence
Jablonka, Pascale Switzerland Switzerland
Jablonski, Francisco J. Brazil Brazil
Jáchym, Pavel Czech Republic Czech Republic
Jackson, Bernard V. United States United States
Jackson, Carole A. Australia Australia
Jackson, James M. United States United States
Jackson, Neal J. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Jackson, Peter D. United States United States
Jackson, William M. United States United States
Jacob, Uri Israel Israel
Jacobs, Carla Belgium Belgium
Jacobs, Christopher S. United States United States
Jacobson, Robert A. United States United States
Jacoby, George H. United States United States
Jacq, Thierry France France
Jäggi, Adrian Switzerland Switzerland
Jafelice, Luiz Carlos Brazil Brazil
Jaffe, Daniel T. United States United States
Jaffe, Walter Joseph Netherlands Netherlands
Jahn, Krzysztof Poland Poland
Jahnke, Knud Germany Germany
Jahreiss, Hartmut Germany Germany
Jain, Rajmal India India
Jakimiec, Jerzy Poland Poland
Jakobsen, Peter Denmark Denmark
Jakobsson, Pall Iceland Iceland
Jakubík, Marian Slovakia Slovakia
Jalali, Mir Abbas Iran, Islamic Rep of Iran, Islamic Rep of
Jamar, Claude A.J. Belgium Belgium
James, Richard A. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Jamrozy, Marek Poland Poland
Janches, Diego United States United States
Janes, Kenneth A. United States United States
JANG , Minwhan Korea, Rep of Korea, Rep of
Janík, Jan Czech Republic Czech Republic
Janka, Hans Thomas Germany Germany
Jankov, Slobodan S. Serbia, Republic of Serbia, Republic of
Jankovics, Istvan Hungary Hungary
Jannuzi, Buell Tomasson United States United States
Janot Pacheco, Eduardo Brazil Brazil
Janssen, Katja Italy Italy
Janssen, Michael Allen United States United States
Jaranowski, Piotr Poland Poland
Jardine, Moira M. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Jaroszynski, Michal Poland Poland
Jarrett, Thomas H. South Africa South Africa
Jasniewicz, Gerard France France
Jassur, Davoud M.Z. Iran, Islamic Rep of Iran, Islamic Rep of
Jatenco-Pereira, Vera Brazil Brazil
Jauncey, David L. Australia Australia
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