Individual Members

Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible for election as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Total: 10593 Individual Members.

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Member Location NCA adherence
Rao, M. N. India India
Rao, N. Kameswara India India
Rao, Pasagada Vivekananda India India
Rao, Ramachandra V. India India
Rapaport, Michel France France
Rashkovskij, Sergey L. Ukraine Ukraine
Rasio, Frederic A. United States United States
Rasmussen, Ib L. Denmark Denmark
Rasmussen, Jesper Denmark Denmark
Rassat, Anais M Switzerland Switzerland
Rassem, Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Egypt Egypt
Rastegaev, Denis Aleksandrovich Russian Federation Russian Federation
Rastogi, Shantanu India India
Rastorguev, Aleksej S. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Ratag, Mezak Arnold Indonesia Indonesia
Ratcliff, Stephen J. United States United States
Rathborne, Jill Maree Australia Australia
Ratnatunga, Kavan U. Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Rauch, Michael United States United States
Rauch, Thomas Germany Germany
Rauer, Heike Germany Germany
Raulin, Jean-Pierre Brazil Brazil
Rauscher, Thomas Switzerland Switzerland
Rautela, B. S. India India
Rautiainen, Pertti T. Finland Finland
Rauw, Gregor Belgium Belgium
Raveendran, A. V. India India
Ravindranath, Swara India India
Rawlings, Jonathan United Kingdom United Kingdom
Rawlings, Mark G. Chile Chile
Ray, Alak India India
Ray, James R. United States United States
Ray, Paul Shelton United States United States
Ray, Tom Ireland Ireland
Raychaudhury, Somak United Kingdom United Kingdom
Rayet, Marc Belgium Belgium
Raymond, John Charles United States United States
Rea, Nanda Spain Spain
Reach, William T United States United States
Read, Justin Inglis Switzerland Switzerland
Readhead, Anthony C.S. United States United States
Reale, Fabio Italy Italy
Reames, Donald V. United States United States
Reardon, Kevin Italy Italy
Reasenberg, Robert D. United States United States
Rebolo, Rafael Spain Spain
Reboul, Henri Jacques France France
Rebull, Luisa United States United States
Recchi, Simone Austria Austria
Recillas Pishmish, Elsa Mexico Mexico
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