Individual Members

Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible for election as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Total: 10510 Individual Members.

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Name Location NCA adherence
SAKAMOTO, Seiichi Japan Japan
SAKAMOTO, Tsuyoshi Japan Japan
Sakano, Masaaki United Kingdom United Kingdom
SAKAO, Taro Japan Japan
Sakelliou, Irini Germany Germany
Sakhibullin, Nail A. Russian Federation Russian Federation
SAKON, Itsuki Japan Japan
SAKURAI , Takashi Japan Japan
Sala, Ferran Spain Spain
Salama, Farid United States United States
Salaris, Maurizio United Kingdom United Kingdom
Salas, Luis Casales United States United States
Salazar, Antonio Spain Spain
Saleh, Magdy Y. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Salez, Morvan C. France France
Salinari, Piero Italy Italy
Salisbury, J. W. United States United States
Salitis, Antonijs Latvia Latvia
Salo, Heikki Finland Finland
Salstein, David A. United States United States
Salter, Christopher John United States United States
Salukvadze, G. N. Georgia Georgia
Salvador-Sole, Eduardo Spain Spain
Salvati, Marco Italy Italy
Salzer, John Joseph United States United States
Samain, Denys Louis France France
Samarasinha, Nalin H. United States United States
Samec, Ronald G. United States United States
Samimi, Jalal Iran, Islamic Rep of Iran, Islamic Rep of
Samodurov, Vladimir A. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Sampson, Russell Dean United States United States
Sams, Bruce Jones III Germany Germany
Samurovi'c, Srdjan S. Serbia, Republic of Serbia, Republic of
Samus', Nikolay N. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Sanahuja Parera, Blai Spain Spain
Sánchez, Filomeno Spain Spain
Sánchez, Francisco M. Spain Spain
Sanchez, Norma G. France France
Sánchez Almeida, Jorge Spain Spain
Sánchez Béjar, Victor Javier Spain Spain
Sánchez Doreste, Néstor Spain Spain
Sánchez-Blázquez, Patricia Spain Spain
Sanchez-Lavega, Agustin Spain Spain
Sanchez-Saavedra, M. Luisa Spain Spain
Sancisi, Renzo Italy Italy
Sandell, Göran H. L. United States United States
Sanders, David B. United States United States
Sanders, Gary H. United States United States
Sanders, Robert Netherlands Netherlands
Sanders, Walter L. United States United States
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