IAU Symposia

IAUS 291: Neutron stars and pulsars: Challenges and opportunities after 80 Years

Start date/time

August 20, 2012

End date/time

August 24, 2012


China Nanjing


Richard Manchester

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SOC Co-Chairs: R. N. Manchester (Australia), Renxin Xu (China Nanjing)

SOC Members: Sarah Buchner (South Africa), Yashwant Gupta (India), Jinlin Han (China Nanjing), Rick Jenet (United States), Vicky Kaspi (Canada), Michael Kramer (Germany), Maura McLaughlin (United States), Andreas Reisenegger (Chile), Roger Romani (United States), Shinpei Shibata (Japan), Marten van Kerkwijk (Canada), Joeri van Leeuwen (Netherlands), Nina Wang (China Nanjing), Silvia Zane (United Kingdom) 

Editor of Proceedings: Joeri van Leeuwen (Netherlands)


  • Pulsar genesis and neutron-star structure
  • X-ray and gamma-ray emission from pulsars, especially recent results from Fermi
  • Pulsar diversity – relationship of magnetars, INS, CCOs, RRATs to radio pulsars
  • Pulsar astronomy with large radio telescopes – looking forward to FAST and the SKA
  • Toward a census of Galactic neutron stars – Galactic distribution and evolution
  • Magnetospheric structure – pair creation and currents, magnetic decay, pulsar braking
  • Non-thermal emission physics – giant radio pulses, mode changing, high-energy emission
  • Binary pulsars – eclipsing systems, post-Newtonian physics, stellar masses
  • Pulsar Timing Arrays – detection of gravitational waves and a pulsar time standard
  • Pulsars as probes of the interstellar medium

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