IAU Symposia

IAUS 294: Solar and astrophysical dynamos and magnetic activity

Start date/time

August 27, 2012

End date/time

August 31, 2012


China Nanjing


Alexander Kosovichev

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Coordinating Division

Division II Sun & Heliosphere

SOC Co-Chairs: Alexander Kosovichev (United States), Yihua Yan (China Nanjing), Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi (France), Elisabete de Gouveia Dal Pino (Brazil)

SOC Members: Rainer Beck (Germany), Axel Brandenburg (Sweden), Gianna Cauzzi (Italy), Arnab Rai Choudhuri (India), Louise Harra (United Kingdom), Maarit Korpi (Finland), Vladimir Kuznetsov (Russian Federation), Aimee Norton (Australia), Kristof Petrovay (Hungary), Nikolai Piskunov (Sweden), Takashi Sekii (Japan), Nataliya Shchukina (Ukraine)

Editors of Proceedings: Alexander Kosovichev (United States), Yihua Yan (China Nanjing), Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi (France), Elisabete de Gouveia Dal (Brazil) 


  • Solar dynamo and activity cycles: observations, theories and predictions
  • Stellar dynamos and cycles
  • Local dynamo: ubiquitous small-scale magnetic fields and "hidden magnetism"
  • Role of magnetic dynamos in energizing the solar/stellar atmospheres and coronal activity
  • Planetary dynamos
  • Dynamos in accretion disks, galaxies, ISM, IGM
  • Advances in dynamo theories, numerical simulations and experiments
  • Critical physical ingredients for dynamos: turbulence and instabilities
  • Current and future observing programs from the ground and space
  • New frontiers in understanding of the origins of cosmic magnetism

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