Letters of Intent for 2015

LoI 2015-174
Focus Meeting: Electromagnetic and gravitational radiation from compact objects

Date: 3 August 2015 to 14 August 2015
Location: XXIX IAU GA, Honolulu, United States
Contact: Tomaso Belloni (tomaso.belloni@brera.inaf.it)
Coordinating division: Division D High Energy Phenomena and Fundamental Physics
Co-Chairs of SOC: Tomaso Belloni (INAF-OAB)
Mariano Méndez (Univ. Groningen)
Co-Chairs of LOC: Tomaso Belloni (INAF-OAB)
Mariano Méndez (Univ. Groningen)



Black Holes and Neutron Stars
Active Galactic Nuclei
Gravitational waves
X-ray and gamma-ray emission
General Relativity
Ground-based and space instrumentation, current and future



Astrophysical compact objects are exceptional laboratories of fundamental physics, providing information about matter at extreme conditions and the most intense gravitational fields found in the present-day Universe. A large number of such objects is continuously monitored with high-energy satellites. In parallel, the recent discovery of a binary radio pulsar allows precise measurements of GR parameters at a larger distance from compact objects. World class facilities for the observation of astrophysical compact objects are becoming available to investigate the different channels through which such objects manifests themselves. In particular gravitational waves, which will open another avenue for the study of strong gravity and the test of GR predictions. The proposed Focus Meeting will cover all aspects of the physics and astrophysics related to these observations, thus addressing issues which are of great interest to a broad community. By considering messengers which involve different instrumental techniques and theoretical approaches, the session will help fill-in gaps among communities which are traditionally non-interacting and foster multi-disciplinary research.