Letters of Intent for 2015

LoI 2015-181
Formation, evolution, and survival of massive star clusters

Date: 3 August 2015 to 6 August 2015
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii (IAU GA 2015), United States
Contact: Corinne Charbonnel (Corinne.Charbonnel@unige.ch)
Coordinating division: Division H Interstellar Matter and Local Universe
Co-Chairs of SOC: Charbonnel Corinne (Geneva Observatory)
Nota Antonella (STScI)
Chair of LOC: IAU GA 2015 ()



- Origin of giant molecular clouds

- Physics of massive star cluster formation and its dependence on the environment

- Initial mass function of star clusters

- Dynamical and chemical evolution of massive star clusters - Interplay and feedback between ISM, stars, and cluster dynamics

- Star cluster destruction: infant mortality rates, early destruction, tidal stripping

- Star formation hierarchy (clustered and triggered star formation) and multiple stellar generations in massive star clusters

- Stellar populations and time evolution of their characteristics in massive star clusters

- Contribution to the stellar content of galaxies and their substructures, and tracers of remnant star clusters in galaxies

- Theoretical simulations of the dynamics of massive star clusters, recent code developments and hardware issues

- Observational challenges with present and future ground-based telescopes and space missions.



The confirmed SOC members are

Holger Baumgardt (Australia)

Corinne Charbonnel (Switzerland) - co-chair

Yasuo Fukuy (Japan)

Richard de Grijs (China)

Bruce Elmegreen (USA)

Patrick Hennebelle (France)

Antonella Nota (USA) - co-chair

Jan Palous (Czech Republic)