Letters of Intent for 2015

LoI 2015-226
Cosmology from before Hubble (EP) to after Hubble (ST)

Date: 12 August 2015 to 14 August 2015
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Contact: Vicent J. Martinez (martinez@uv.es)
Coordinating division: Division J Galaxies and Cosmology
Co-Chairs of SOC: Virginia Trimble (University of California, Irvine)
Enn Saar (Tartu Observatory)
Elaine Sadler (University of Sydney)
John Peacock (IUniversity of Edinburgh)
George Ellis (University of Cape Town)
Chair of LOC: ()



1. The concept of a cosmos (neither human nor earth centered, large compared to us, described by laws of physics = or very similar to lab physics)
2. Decreasing centrality (out of center of solar system, galaxy,
commonness of clusters, superclusters...)
3. Dark stars & all (at least from Kapteyn & Jeans 1922, pre-Zwicky)
4. Solar motion relative to different stellar populations and
then relative to galaxies (Hubble precursors)
5. Discovery of expansion - the real role of Hubble and others
6. Confirming an evolutionary [or big bang] universe
7. Lambda in and out of fashion (Lemaitre, de Vaucouleurs, SNIa, CMB)
8. Revival of Lemaitre-Tolman(-Bondi) solutions to account for the acceleration of the expansion.
9. Why there will never be another Zwicky. Surveys from the Zwicky catalogues to CfA
and to 2dF, SDSS and beyond
10. Looking ahead



Our vision of the universe has dramatically changed in the last century. The aim of this IAU-GA focus meeting is to refresh and deepen the dialog between historians of astronomy
and astrophysicists working on/interested in the formation and evolution of the universe and large scale structures in it.