The IYA2009 Legacy - Roadmap to IYA2009's Living Heritage

2 February 2010

The document "The IYA2009 Legacy - Roadmap to IYA2009’s Living Heritage" is now available for download on this link (PDF format, 155.8 KB).

Introduction: The International Year of Astronomy 2009 was never foreseen to be a “one-off” event for one year, but a means to creating structures for collaboration, lasting self-sustaining activities and innovative concepts for the communication of astronomy. Within the IYA2009 project this “living heritage” goes under the name “IYA2009 Legacy”. This paper aims at giving, already in the last month of IYA2009, an overview of this legacy to the thousands of involved participants in IYA2009 at all levels – from SPoCs/project Chairs/stakeholders onwards. It will serve as a way to communicate the ideas for the future to everyone and will hopefully inspire nations and projects to find ways for the continuation of activities and collaborations that have long-term potential.

IAU e-Newsletter 2010 n°1 online

1 February 2010


1. Deadline for Peter and Patricia Gruber Fellowship 2010 extended to 15 February 2010.
2. IB105 is on-line.
3. The Post Meeting Reports of 2009 Symposia are on-line.
4. Closing date for proposals to host the Office for Astronomy Development (OAD) is 28 February 2010.
5. The 38th COSPAR Scientific Assembly will be held 18 – 25 July 2010.

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Deadline for applications for 2010 Gruber Fellowship extended to 15 February

26 January 2010

Deadline for applications for 2010 Gruber Fellowship extended to 15 February 2010. Read more on

Vacancy announcement: Director of ICSU Regional Office for Africa

22 January 2010

The International Council for Science (ICSU) invites applications for the post of Director of its Regional Office for Africa (Sub-Saharan Africa), which was established at the National Research Foundation (NRF), Pretoria, South Africa in 2005.

Deadline: 20 February 2010.
Read more on:

New SOFA software release includes geodetic/geocentric transformations

20 January 2010

SOFA (Standards of Fundamental Astronomy) is an IAU Service that operates under Division 1 (Fundamental Astronomy).  It has developed a set of software routines that implement official IAU algorithms for fundamental-astronomy computations. A new release of the software was made on 2009 December 31.  The total number of routines is 165, comprising 113 astronomy routines supported by 52 vector/matrix routines. The release incorporates the new IAU precession model
that came into force at the start of 2009. There is a "cookbook" that introduces the SOFA routines associated with precession-nutation and Earth rotation.

The most significant change since the previous release is the introduction of five new routines (available in both Fortran and C) to support transformations between geodetic and geocentric coordinates.

The Web address of the SOFA home page has changed, and is now:

Further information on the new release is available at:

Proceedings IAU Symposium No. 266 online

19 January 2010

Proceedings IAU Symposium No. 266
Star clusters: basic galactic building blocks throughout time and space
Eds. Richard de Grijs and Jacques R. D. Lépine.
Cambridge University Press, ISBN 9780-521-76484-1

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Information about the solar eclipse on 15 January 2009

14 January 2010

The IAU Working Group on Solar Eclipses provides several links with eclipse reference materials. Visit or contact Jay M. Pasachoff (chair of the IAU Working Group on Solar Eclipses) for more information. 

IB 105 is online

13 January 2010

The Information Bulletin 105 (13 January 2010) is online. Download the PDF file (8 MB) on this link.

Proceedings IAU Symposium No. 261 online

12 January 2010

Proceedings IAU Symposium No. 261
Relativity in Fundamental Astronomy: Dynamics, Reference Frames, and Data Analysis
Eds. Sergei Klioner, P. Kenneth Seidelmann and Michael Soffel
Cambridge University Press, ISBN 9780-521-76481-0

Read more

Announcement of Opportunity to host the Office for Astronomy Development. Deadline: 28 Feb. 2010

18 November 2009

An Announcement of Opportunity to host the Office for Astronomy Development foreseen in the IAU Strategic Plan 2010-2020 "Astronomy for the Developing World" has been sent out to all members and National Members.  The AO can be seen here on this link (PDF file).

Closing date for Proposals: 28th February 2010

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