Colloqium Proceedings

Code Publication
IAUC 200 Direct Imaging of Exoplanets: Science and Techniques
Nice, France, October 3-7, 2005
Eds. C. Aime & F. Vakili
Cambridge University Press
ISBN 0-521-85607-8
Electronic version
IAUC 199 Probing Galaxies through Quasar Absorption Lines
Shanghai, China PR, March 14-18, 2005
Eds. P.R. Williams, Chenggang Shu & B. Ménard
Cambridge University Press
ISBN 0-521-85205-6
Electronic version
IAUC 198 Near-Field Cosmology with Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies
Les Diablerets, Switzerland, March 14-18, 2005
Eds. H. Jerjen & B. Binggeli
Cambridge University Press
ISBN 0-521-85204-8
Electronic version
IAUC 197 Dynamics of Populations of Planetary Systems
Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, August 31-September 4, 2004
Eds. Z. Knezevic & A. Milani
Cambridge University Press
ISBN 0-521-85203-X
Electronic version
IAUC 196 Transits of Venus : New Views of the Solar System and Galaxy
Preston, U.K., June 7-11, 2004
Ed. D.W. Kurtz
Cambridge University Press
ISBN 0-521-84907-1
Electronic version
IAUC 195 Outskirts of Galaxy Clusters: Intense Life in the Suburbs
Torino, Italy, March 12-16, 2004
Ed. A. Diaferio
Cambridge University Press
ISBN 0-521-84908-X
Electronic version
IAUC 194 Compact Binaries in the Galaxy and Beyond
RevMexAA-SC Vol. 20
La Paz, Mexico, November 17-22, 2003
Eds. G. Tovmassian & E.M. Sion
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México: UNAM
ISBN 970-32-1185-5
IAUC 193 ASP Conference Series Vol. 310
Variable Stars in the Local Group
Christchurch, New Zealand, July 6-11, 2003
Eds. D.W. Kurtz & K.R. Pollard
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-58381-162-1
Electronic version
IAUC 192 Supernovae (10 Years of SN1993J) NB: Book title: "Cosmic Explosions. On the 10th Anniv.
Springer-PP 99
Valencia, Spain, April 22-26, 2003
Eds. J.M. Marcaide & K.W. Weiler
ISBN 3-540-23039-4
IAUC 191 The Environments and Evolution of Double and Multiple Stars
RevMexAA-SC Vol. 21
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, February 3-7, 2003
Eds. C. Allen & C. Scarfe
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México: UNAM
ISBN 970-32-0607-7
IAUC 190 ASP Conference Series Vol. 315
Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
Cape Town, South Africa, December 8-13, 2002
Eds. M. Cropper & S. Vrielmann
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-58381-170-2
Electronic version
IAUC 189 Astrophysical Tides: Effects in the Solar and Exoplanetary Systems
Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astr. Vol. 87
Nanjing, China PR, September 16-20, 2002
Eds. S. Ferraz-Mello & I.P. Williams
Kluwer Academic Publishers
IAUC 186 Cometary Science after Hale-Bopp
Tenerife, Spain, January 21-25, 2002
Eds. H. Boehnhardt, M. Combi, M.R. Kidger & R. Schulz
Kluwer Academic Publishers
ISBN 1-4020-1288-8
IAUC 188 Magnetic Coupling of the Solar Atmosphere
Santorin, Greece, June 11-15, 2002
Ed. H. Sawaya-Lacoste
JILA Reports
ISBN 92-9092-815-8
IAUC 187 ASP Conference Series Vol. 279
Exotic Stars as Challenges to Evolution
Miami, USA, March 4-8, 2002
Eds. C.A. Tout & W. Van Hamme
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-58381-122-2
Electronic version
IAUC 185 ASP Conference Series Vol. 259
Radial and Nonradial Pulsations as Probes of Stellar Physics
Leuven, Belgium, July 26-31, 2001
Eds. C. Aerts, T.R. Bedding & J. Christensen-Dalsgaard
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-58381-099-4
Electronic version
IAUC 184 ASP Conference Series Vol. 284
AGN Surveys
Byurakan, Armenia, June 18-22, 2001
Eds. R.F. Green, E.Ye. Khachikian & D.B. Sanders
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-58381-127-3
Electronic version
IAUC 004 Stellar Rotation
Columbus, OH, USA, September 8-11, 1969
Ed. A. Slettebak
Reidel Publishing Company, Dordrecht
ISBN 90-277-0156-3
IAUC 181 Dust in the Solar System and Other Planetary Systems
Canterbury, UK, April 4-10, 2000
Eds. S.F. Green, I.P. Williams, J.A.M. McDonnell & N. McBride
Imperial College Bookstall
ISBN 00-80441-94-7
IAUC 183 ASP Conference Series Vol. 246
Small-Telescope Astronomy on Global Scales
Kenting National Park, Taiwan, January 4-8, 2001
Eds. W.-P. Chen, C. Lemme & B. Paczynski
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-58381-084-6
Electronic version
IAUC 182 Sources and Scintillations: Refraction and Scattering in Radio Astronomy
Guiyang, China PR, April 17-21, 2000
Eds. R. Strom, P. Bo, M. Walker & N. Rendong
Kluwer Academic Publishers
IAUC 180 Towards Models and Constants for Sub-Microarcsecond Astrometry
Washington, DC, USA, March 27-30, 2000
Eds. K.J. Johnston, D.D. McCarthy, B.J. Luzum & G.H. Kaplan
University of Waikato
IAUC 179 Cyclical Evolution of Solar Magnetic Fields: Advances in Theory and Observation
Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy
Kodaikanal, India, December 13-16, 1999
Eds. P. Venkatakrishnan, O. Engvold & A.R. Choudhuri
Specola Vaticana
IAUC 178 ASP Conference Series Vol. 208
Polar Motion: Historical and Scientific Problems
Cagliari, Italy, September 27 - 30, 1999
Eds. S. Dick, D. McCarthy & B. Luzum
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-58381-039-0
Electronic version
IAUC 177 ASP Conference Series Vol. 202
Pulsar Astronomy: 2000 and Beyond
Bonn, Germany, August 30 - September 3, 1999
Eds. M. Kramer, N. Wex & R. Wielebinski
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-58381-029-3
Electronic version
IAUC 176 ASP Conference Series Vol. 203
The Impact of Large-Scale Surveys on Pulsating Star Research
Budapest, Hungary, August 8-12, 1999
Eds. L. Szabados & D.W. Kurtz
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-58381-030-7
Electronic version
IAUC 175 ASP Conference Series Vol. 214
The Be Phenomenon in Early-Type Stars
Alicante, Spain, June 28 - July 2, 1999
Eds. M.A. Smith, H.F. Henrichs & J. Fabregat
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1 58381-045-5
Electronic version
IAUC 174 ASP Conference Series Vol. 209
Small Galaxy Groups
Turku, Finland, June 13-18, 1999
Eds. M.J. Valtonen, C. Flynn
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-58381-040-4
Electronic version
IAUC 173 Evolution and Source Regions of Asteroids and Comets
Tatranská Lomnica, Slovak Rep., August 24-28, 1998
Eds. J. Svoren, E.M. Pittich & H. Rickman
The University of Rochester
ISBN 80-88780-32-2
IAUC 172 Impact of Modern Dynamics in Astronomy
Namur, Belgium, July 6-11, 1998
Eds. J. Henrard & S. Ferraz-Mello
Kluwer Academic Publishers
ISBN 0-7923-5842-2
IAUC 171 ASP Conference Series Vol. 170
The Low Surface Brightness Universe
Cardiff, UK, July 5-10, 1998
Eds. J. Davies, C. Impey & S. Phillips
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-886733-92-2
Electronic version
IAUC 170 ASP Conference Series Vol. 185
Precise Stellar Radial Velocities
Victoria, Canada, June 21-26, 1998
Eds. J.B. Hearnshaw & C.D. Scarfe
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-58381-011-0
Electronic version
IAUC 169 Variable and Non-Spherical Stellar Winds in Luminous Hot Stars
Lecture notes in physics Vol.523
Heidelberg, Germany, June 15-19, 1998
Eds. B. Wolf, O. Stahl & A.W. Fullerton
ISBN 3-540-65702-9
IAUC 168 Cometary Nuclei in Space and Time
Nanjing, China, May 18-22, 1998
Ed. M. A'Hearn
Kluwer Academic Publishers
in prep.
IAUC 167 ASP Conference Series Vol. 150
New Perspectives on Solar Prominemces
Aussois, France, April 28 - May 4, 1997
Eds. D. Webb, D. Rust, & B. Schmieder
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-886733-70-8
Electronic version
IAUC 166 The Local Bubble and Beyond
Lecture notes in physics Vol.506
Garching b. München, Germany, April 21-25, 1997
Eds. D. Breitschwerdt, M.J Freyberg & J. Trümper
ISBN 3-540-64306-0
IAUC 164 ASP Conference Series Vol. 144
Radio Emission from Galactic and Extragalactic Compact Sources
Socorro, New Mexico, USA, April 21-26, 1997
Eds. J.A. Zensus, G.B. Taylor & J.M. Wrobel
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-886733-64-3
Electronic version
IAUC 162 New Trends in Astronomy Teaching
London and Milton Keynes, UK, July 8-12, 1996
Eds. L. Gouguenheim, D. McNally & J.R. Percy
Cambridge University Press
ISBN 0-5221-62373-1
IAUC 165 Dynamics and Astronometry of Natural and Artificial Celestial Bodies
Poznan, Poland, July 1-5, 1996
Eds. I. Wytrzyszczak, J.H. Lieske & R.A. Feldman
Kluwer Academic Publishers
ISBN 0-7923-4574-6
IAUC 163 ASP Conference Series Vol. 121
Accretion Phenomena and Related Outflows
Port Douglas, Australia, July 15-19, 1996
Eds. D.T. Wickramasinghe, G. Bicknell & L. Ferrario
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-886733-41-4
Electronic version
IAUC 161 Astronomical and Biochemical Origins and the Search for Life in the Universe
Capri, Italy, July 1-5, 1996
Eds. C.S. Cosmovici, S. Bowyer & D. Werthimer
Warsaw Technical University
ISBN 88-7794-092-1
IAUC 160 ASP Conference Series Vol. 105
Pulsars: Problems and Progresses
Sydney, Australia, January 8-12, 1996
Eds. M. Bailes, S. Johnston & M.A. Walker
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-886733-25-2
Electronic version
IAUC 158 Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Keele, UK, June 26-30, 1995
Eds. A. Evans & J.H. Wood
Kluwer Academic Publishers
ISBN 0-7923-4195-3
IAUC 157 ASP Conference Series Vol. 91
Barred Galaxies
Tuscaloosa, AL, USA, May 30 - June 3, 1995
Eds. R. Buta, D.A. Crocker & B.G. Elmegreen
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-886733-12-0
Electronic version
IAUC 156 The impact of Comete Shoemaker-Levy 9 on Jupiter
Baltimore, MD, USA, May 9-12, 1995
Ed. K.S. Noll
Cambridge University Press
IAUC 154 Solar and Interplanetary Transients
Astroph. & Sp. Vol. 243
Pune, India, January 23-27, 1995
Eds. S. Ananthakrishnan & A. Pramesh Rao
Kluwer Academic Publishers
ISSN 004-640X
IAUC 153 Magnetodynamic Phenomena in the Solar Atmosphere
Makuhari, Tokyo, Japan, May 22-27, 1995
Eds. Y. Uchida, T. Kosugi & H.S. Hudson
Kluwer Academic Publishers
ISBN 0-7923-4176-7
IAUC 152 Astrophysics in the Extreme Ultraviolet
Berkeley, CA, USA, March 27-30, 1995
Eds. S. Bowyer & R.F. Malina
Kluwer Academic Publishers
ISBN 0-7923-3908-8
IAUC 150 ASP Conference Series Vol. 104
Physics, Chemistry, and Dynamics of Interplanetary Dust
Gainesville, FL, USA, August 14-18, 1995
Eds. B.Å.S. Gustafson & M.S. Hanner
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-886733-24-4
Electronic version
IAUC 159 ASP Conference Series Vol. 113
Emissions Lines in Active Galaxies: New Methods and Techniques
Shanghai, China PR, June 17-20, 1996
Eds. B.M. Peterson, F.-Z. Cheng & A.S. Wilson
ASP Conference Series
ISBN 1-886733-33-3
Electronic version


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