Division F Commission 22 Meteors, Meteorites & Interplanetary Dust


Petrus Matheus Marie Jenniskens

SETI Institute
189 Bernardo Ave
Mountain View CA 94043
United States

Phone: +1 650 8100216
Fax: +1 650-9617099
Email: PetrusMJenniskensnasagov
Personal website: http://leonid.arc.nasa.gov/pjenniskens.html
Organization website: http://airborne.seti.org

Last updated:
March 20, 2014


Jiří Borovička

Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Department of Interplanetary Matter
Fričova 298
251 65 Ondřejov
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 323 620 153
Fax: +420 323 620 263
Email: borovicasucascz
Personal website: http://www.astro.cz/~borovic
Organization website: http://www.asu.cas.cz/

Last updated:
October 9, 2012

Organizing Committee


Tadeusz Jan Jopek

A. M. University
Astronomical Observatory
Ul. Sloneczna 36
60-286 Poznan

Phone: +48 61 829 2778
Fax: +48 61 829 2772
Email: jopekamuedupl
Personal website: http://www.astro.amu.edu.pl/~jopek/JopekTJ/
Organization website: http://www.astro.amu.edu.pl/

Last updated:
October 9, 2012

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