Division G Stars and Stellar Physics


The work towards the scientific goals of Division G is supported by its organization's structure that currently include 5 Division G Commissions and 2 Inter-Division Commissions:


G1 Binary and Multiple Star Systems IAU Webpage Parent Division: G Members
G2 Massive Stars IAU Webpage Parent Division: G Members
G3 Stellar Evolution IAU Webpage Parent Division: G Members
G4 Pulsating Stars IAU Webpage Parent Division: G Members
G5 Stellar and Planetary Atmospheres IAU Webpage Parent Division: G Members
H4 Stellar Clusters throughout Cosmic Space and Time IAU Webpage Inter-Division:G-H-J Primary Division: H Members External Webpage
J1 Galaxy Spectral Energy Distributions IAU Webpage Inter-Division:D-G-H-J Primary Division: J Members


The IAU web pages of each Commission contain the information on the current Organizing Committees, the number of members with a link to the full list of members as well as the information on the Working Groups hosted by the Commission. The external web pages (if present) give detailed information on the work of the Commissions.


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