Inter-Division A-G WG Nominal Units for Stellar & Planetary Astronomy


Eric E. Mamajek

University of Rochester
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March 5, 2015


Andrej Prša

Villanova University
Dept. of Astrophysics and Planetary Science
800 E Lancaster Ave
Villanova 19085
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January 30, 2015


Guillermo Torres

Harvard Smithsonian CfA
MS 9
60 Garden Street
Cambridge MA 02138-1516
United States

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Email 1: torrescfaharvardedu
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June 23, 2014


The basic properties of stars such as mass, radius, and luminosity have been traditionally expressed in the units of solar mass, solar radius and solar luminosity. With the rapidly increasing precision of astronomical observations and progress in theoretical modeling, this practice can lead to systematic errors because there is no consensus in the astronomical community on the values of those solar properties in SI (or cgs) units. The task of this inter-divisional Working Group is to establish a set of nominal values (exact numbers) for conversion constants that are used to transform quantities in solar and planetary units to the SI or cgs system of units. Interested colleagues can find a more detailed justification and outline of the planned action of the WG at:

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Division A Fundamental Astronomy
Division G Stars and Stellar Physics

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