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Daniel Craig Boice

Scientific Studies and Consulting
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April 2, 2015

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The WG on Physical Properties of Comets (IAU Commission 15) has the responsibility for promoting scientific progress and research achievements in the field of physical studies of the comets in our Solar System and their relationships to other small bodies in the Solar System, including near-Earth objects, main belt asteroids, Trojan asteroids, and trans-neptunian objects. The activities are interdisciplinary, including applications of different theoretical approaches, making use of a variety of observing techniques and laboratory analyses, devoted to improving our understanding of the origin, evolution and current physical properties of comets orbiting at very different heliocentric distances as new spacecraft and ground-based observations become available. Comets present some general and observable differences in physical properties from other small Solar System bodies related to the presence of volatiles which produce the typical activity of comets. Recently it has become increasingly evident that the differences between the small Solar System objects are much less sharp than previously believed so comparative studies are increasingly important. These goals are long-term/permanent.

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Division F Commission 15 Physical Study of Comets & Minor Planets

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