Division Presidents and Vice-Presidents (2012-2015)

Following the adoption of Resolution B4 presented by the Executive Committee, a new list of Divisions is being put into place. Their current names, and the names of their Presidents and Vice-Presidents, are given below.

Division A: Space and Time Reference Systems

President: Sergei  Klioner (Germany)
Vice-president: Jacques Laskar (France)

Division B: Facilities, Technologies and Data Science

President: David Silva (USA)
Vice-president: Pietro Ubertini (Italy)

Division C: Education, Outreach and Heritage

President: Mary Kay Hemenway (USA)
Vice-president: Hakim Malasan (Indonesia)

Division D: High Energies and Fundamental Physics

President: Diana Worrall (UK)
Vice-president: Felix Aharonian (Ireland/Germany)

Division E: Sun and Heliosphere

President: Lidia van Driel (UK)
Vice-president: Yihua Yan (China)

Division F: Planetary Systems and Bioastronomy

President: Giovanni Valsecchi (Italy)
Vice-president: Nader Haghighipour (USA)

Division G: Stars and Stellar Physics

President: Ignasi Ribas (Spain)
Vice-president: Corinne Charbonnel (France)

Division H: Interstellar Matter and Local Universe

President: Ewine van Dishoeck (Netherlands)
Vice-president: Jonathan Bland-Hawthorn (Australia)

Division J: Galaxies and Cosmology

President: Françoise Combes (France)
Vice-president: Thanu Padmanabhan (India)

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