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Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible to apply as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Individual Members listed in the IAU Directory have a valid, public email, and are affiliated to at least one Division. They are labeled as "Active Members". For corrections and updates, please contact Any members remaining Inactive for more than 10 years will be removed from the IAU lists.

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Additionally, while only Active Members are listed in the IAU Directory, you may still search for Active, Inactive or Deceased Members in the search field to your right.

Total number of IAU Individual members: 13031.  Number of Active Individual Members in the IAU Directory: 10539.


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Name▼ Location NCA adherence
Frutos-Alfaro, Francisco Costa Rica Costa Rica
Frye, Brenda L United States United States
FU, Jian-Ning China, Nanjing China, Nanjing
FU, Yanning China, Nanjing China, Nanjing
Fuente, Asuncion Spain Spain
Fuerst, Ernst Germany Germany
Fuglesang, Christer Sweden Sweden
FUJII, Michiko Japan Japan
FUJIMOTO, Masa-Katsu Japan Japan
FUJIMOTO, Masayuki Japan Japan
FUJIMOTO, Shin-ichiro Japan Japan
FUJISHITA, Mitsumi Japan Japan
FUJITA, Mitsutaka Yagishita Japan Japan
FUJITA, Yutaka Japan Japan
FUJIWARA, Hideaki United States Japan
FUJIWARA, Takao Japan Japan
FUJIWARA, Tomoko Japan Japan
FUJIWARA , Akira Japan Japan
FUKAGAWA, Misato Japan Japan
Fukuda, Naoya Japan Japan
FUKUDA , Ichiro Japan Japan
FUKUE , Jun Japan Japan
FUKUGITA , Masataka Japan Japan
FUKUI, Yasuo Japan Japan
FUKUI , Takao Japan Japan
FUKUSHIGE , Toshiyuki Japan Japan
FUKUSHIMA, Toshio Japan Japan
Fulchignoni, Marcello France France
Fulco, Maria Teresa Italy Italy
Fuller, Gary A. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Fullerton, Alexander W. United States United States
FUNATO , Yoko Japan Japan
Funes, José G. Argentina Argentina
Furlanetto, Steven United States United States
Furniss, Ian United Kingdom United Kingdom
FURUSAWA, Hisanori Japan Japan
FURUSHO , Reiko Japan Japan
FURUYA, Kenji Japan Japan
FUSE, Tetsuharu Japan Japan
Fusi-Pecci, Flavio Italy Italy
Füzfa, Andre Belgium Belgium
Fyfe, Duncan J. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Fynbo, Johan P.U. Denmark Denmark
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