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Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible for election as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Individual Members listed in the IAU Directory have a valid, public email, and are affiliated to at least one Division. They are labeled as "active members". For corrections and updates, please contact

Additionally, while only "active members" are listed in the IAU Directory, you may still search for active, inactive or deceased members in the search field to your right.

Total number of IAU members:12661. Number of Individual Members in the IAU Directory: 10087

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Name Location NCA adherence
Kulikova, Nelly V. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Kulinich, Yurij Ukraine Ukraine
Kulkarni, Prabhakar V. India India
Kulkarni, Shrinivas R. United States United States
Kulkarni, Vasant K. India India
Kulsrud, Russell M. United States United States
Kulyk, Iryna Ukraine Ukraine
KUMAGAI , Shiomi Japan Japan
KUMAI, Yasuki Japan Japan
Kumar, C. Krishna United States United States
Kumar, Nanda M. S. Portugal Portugal
Kumar, Shiv S. United States United States
Kumkova, Irina I. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Kun, Maria Hungary Hungary
Kunchev, Peter Bulgaria Bulgaria
Kuncic, Zdenka Australia Australia
Kunder, Andrea Germany Germany
Kundra, Emil Slovakia Slovakia
Kundt, Wolfgang Germany Germany
Kundu, Arunav United States United States
Kunert-Bajraszewska, Magdalena Poland Poland
KUNIEDA, Hideyo Japan Japan
Kunjaya, Chatief Indonesia Indonesia
Kunneriath, Devaky Czech Republic Czech Republic
KUNO , Nario Japan Japan
Kunth, Daniel France France
Kuntschner, Harald Germany Germany
Kunz, Martin Switzerland Switzerland
Kupka, Friedrich Austria Austria
Küpper, Andreas H.W. United States Germany
KURAYAMA, Tomoharu Japan Japan
Kurdubov, Sergei Leonidovich Russian Federation Russian Federation
KUROKAWA , Hiroki Japan Japan
Kurt, Vladimir G. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Kurtanidze, Omar M. Georgia Georgia
Kurtev, Radostin G. Chile Chile
Kurtz, Donald W. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Kurtz, Michael Julian United States United States
Kurtz, Stanley E. Mexico Mexico
Kurucz, Robert L. United States United States
Kurzyńska, Krystyna Poland Poland
Kus, Andrzej Jan Poland Poland
KUSAKABE, Motohiko United States United States
KUSAKABE, Nobuhiko Japan Japan
Kusakin, Anatoly Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
KUSANO, Kanya Japan Japan
KUSUNOSE , Masaaki Japan Japan
Kutner, Marc Leslie United States United States
Kuulkers, Erik Netherlands Netherlands
Kuzio de Naray, Rachel United States United States
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