Note: the following list gives the names of all the IAU members registered in the database for this National Member country. Names in blue link to their respective profiles, as recorded in the IAU "Individual or Junior Members" Directory, where they are labeled as "active members". Names in black do not have a visible profile, because of insufficient information or if an individual is retired.

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Total Number: 38

Included in the Directory: 34

Badescu, Octavian Barbosu, Mihail Besliu-Ionescu, Diana
Birlan, Mirel Blaga, Cristina Boata, Remus Stefan
Botez, Elvira Burs, Lucian Carsmaru, Maria
Chiruta, Ciprian Dinulescu, Simona Dumitrache, Cristiana
Dumitrescu, Alexandru Ficuț-Vicaș, Dana Imbroane, Alexandru
Lungu, Nicolaie Marcu, Alexandru Marilena, Mierla
Maris, Georgeta Mocanu, Gabriela Moldovan, Dan Nelu
Nedelcu, Dan Oprescu, Gabriela Oproiu, Tiberiu
Parv, Bazil Pop, Alexandru Pop, Vasile
Popescu, Nedelia Popescu, Petre Pricopi, Dumitru
Stavinschi, Magda Suran, Marian Szenkovits, Ferenc
Szucs-Csillik, Iharka-Magdolna Tudose, Valeriu Turcu, Vlad
Ureche, Vasile Vass, Gheorghe


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