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Standards of Fundamental Astronomy

10 September 2007

Standards Of Fundamental Astronomy
IAU software implementing fundamental-astronomy algorithms
IAU Division I


SOFA (Standards of Fundamental Astronomy) is an IAU Service which operates under Division 1 (Fundamental Astronomy) and reports through Commission 19 (Rotation of the Earth). It has developed a library of Fortran sub-programs which implement official IAU algorithms for fundamental-astronomy computations. A new release of the software was made on 2007 August 13, bringing the total number of routines to 161, comprising 109 astronomy routines supported by 52 vector/matrix routines. The new release incorporates the new precession model that was adopted at the Prague IAU General Assembly in 2006, and includes a "cookbook" that introduces the SOFA routines associated with precession-nutation and Earth rotation. The SOFA home page is:
Further information on the new release can be obtained by following the links to "SOFA Product Index" then "2007-08-10"

Note added on 20 January 2010: The web address of the SOFA home page has changed, and is now:

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