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List of Special Sessions and Joint Discussions selected for 2012

14 June 2011

The list is as follows:

1) Special Sessions at the General Assembly:

  1. SpS1 — Origin and complexity of massive star clusters
    Contact: Giampaolo Piotto, Italy
  2. SpS2 — Cosmic evolution of groups and clusters of galaxies
    Contact: Jan Vrtilek, USA
  3. SpS3 — Galaxy evolution through secular processes
    Contact: Ron Buta, USA
  4. SpS4 — New era for studying interstellar and intergalactic magnetic fields
    Contact: Han JinLin, China
  5. SpS5 — The IR view of massive stars: the main sequence and beyond
    Contact: Margaret Hanson, USA
  6. SpS6 — Science with large solar telescopes
    Contact: Gianna Cauzzi, Italy
  7. SpS7 — The impact hazard: current activities and future plans
    Contact: Alan Harris, USA
  8. SpS8 — Calibration of star-formation rate measurements across the electromagnetic spectrum
    Contact: Andreas Zezas, Greece
  9. SpS9 — Future Large Facilities
    Contact: Roger Davies, UK
  10. SpS10 — Dynamics of the star-planet relations
    Contact: Jean-Louis Bougeret, France
  11. SpS11 — IAU Strategic Plan and the Global Office of Astronomy for Development
    Contact: George Miley, Netherlands and Kevin Govender, South Africa and
  12. SpS12 — Modern views of the interstellar medium
    Contact: You-Hua Chu, USA
  13. SpS13 — High-precision tests of stellar physics from high-precision photometry
    Contact: Dave Soderblom, USA
  14. SpS14 — Communicating astronomy with the public for scientists
    Contact: Dennis Crabtree, Canada
  15. SpS15 — Data intensive astronomy
    Contact: Masatoshi Ohishi, Japan
  16. SpS16 — Unexplained spectral phenomena in the interstellar medium
    Contact: Sun Kwok, China
  17. SpS17 — Light Pollution: Protecting Astronomical Sites and Increasing Global
    Awareness through Education

    Contacts: Beatriz García, Argentina
    Richard Green, USA
  18. SpS18 — "Hot Topics" for each week
    (by invitation only)
    Contact: Thierry Montmerle, France

2) Joint Discussions at the General Assembly:

  1. JD1 — The highest-energy gamma-ray universe observed with Cherenkov telescope arrays
    Contact: Diego Torres, Spain
  2. JD2 —Very massive stars in the local universe
    Contact: Jorick Vink, UK
  3. JD3 — 3-D views of the cycling Sun in stellar context
    Contact: Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi, France
  4. JD4 — Ultraviolet emission in early-type galaxies
    Contact: Sugata Kaviraj, UK
  5. JD5 — From meteors and meteorites to their parent bodies: Current status and future developments
    Contact: Junichi Watanabe, Japan
  6. JD6 — The connection between radio properties and high-energy emission in AGNs
    Contact: Gabriele Giovannini, Italy
  7. JD7 — Space-time reference systems for future research
    Contact: Dennis McCarthy, USA

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