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28 April 2016
IAU Membership Statistics 2016
IAU membership numbers indicate a disappointingly low number of women in astronomy

The International Astronomical Union has prepared an analysis of its membership numbers across the globe. The IAU is a truly international body, with a total active membership of 10 308 astronomers, drawn from 73 countries. The membership figures are presented in four groups according to the number of members in each country: countries with fewer than 20 members; with between 20 and 99 members; with between 100 and 399 members; and with more than 400 members.

The analysis shows the number of members by age group, and also the number of female members in each country, where it tells a rather more disappointing story. Across the entire membership of IAU, only 17% are women. There is little variation in that figure across the four membership groups, although the proportion of women falls slightly with increasing overall membership per country (19% in the two groups representing total membership below 100 per country, and 16% for the group with over 400 members per country)

The IAU is committed to increasing the number of women studying and working in astronomy, and maintains a Women in Astronomy Working Group (see also ann15026) which pursues equality in astronomy.



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