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20 June 2018
Resolutions to be voted at the XXXth General Assembly

The IAU Resolution Committee has approved the texts of the five Resolutions that will be presented for voting at the XXXth General Assembly in Vienna.

The resolutions are as follows:

  • Resolution A1: addresses the 10 year IAU Strategic Plan for the years 2020–2030.
  • Resolution B1: is on the Geocentric and International Terrestrial Reference Systems and Frames.
  • Resolution B2: is on The Third Realisation of the International Celestial Reference Frame.
  • Resolution B3: is on the preservation, digitisation and scientific exploration of historical astronomical data.
  • Resolution B4: addresses a suggested renaming of the Hubble Law.

Resolution A1 is arguably the most important, since it deals with the approval of the IAU Strategic Plan that concerns all activities of the Union in the decade 2020–2030. Also of general and historical interest is Resolution B4 because rather than being a resolution in strict terms, it is a suggestion.

The Resolutions Committee will present the proposals during the 1st Plenary Session of the XXXth General Assembly (Tuesday 21 August 2018) with its own recommendations for their approval or rejection. The Resolutions will be voted on by the Assembly during the 2nd Plenary Session (Thursday 30 August 2018): a representative of the body proposing the Resolution will be given the opportunity to defend the Resolution in front of the General Assembly, after which a general discussion shall take place before the actual vote.

The texts of the five resolutions can accessed by clicking on the relevant links: any comments and suggestions should be addressed to the Chair of the resolution Committee Bruce Elmegreen (

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