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11 January 2021
Applications Open for Gruber Fellowship 2021

The Gruber Foundation (TGF) invites applications for the Gruber Fellowship 2021, a prestigious programme that supports young astronomers in the early stages of their research careers, promoting the science of cosmology and other branches of astronomy. As an organisation that shares this goal, the IAU collaborates with TGF in the nomination of candidates and the selection of recipients.

TGF provides funding of US$75 000 for fellowships every year, an amount that is intended as a research grant to cover travel, subsistence and research expenses supplementing a postdoctoral appointment at a host institution starting no later than 1 October of the award year. It may be held in conjunction with any other fellowship or award.

The fellowship will be awarded to an extremely promising, early-career astrophysicist working in any field of astrophysics, be it theoretical, observational or experimental. The jury may decide to split the grant between two or three equally promising candidates.

Astrophysicists who are in the final months of their PhD and have already received a contract offer for a postdoctoral position, or postdocs in their first year of appointment, are encouraged to apply. In the case of applicants at the PhD level, the PhD must have been awarded by the start of the Fellowship — no later than 1 October of the award year.

There are no limitations on nationality, but, while the scientific quality of the application is the prime criterion, preference will be given to applicants from countries in difficult economic situations. The host institute for the postdoctoral appointment must be a centre of excellence in the applicant's field of research and be located in a country different from that in which the PhD was awarded, or, in the case of a second postdoc, different from where the first postdoc contract is being completed.

While the IAU Secretariat will administer the grant, the host institute should agree to offer basic research facilities, since the TGF grant is intended to cover primarily travel and living expenses during research periods outside the host Institute, as well as conference attendance and specific research expenses during the postdoctoral appointment. The grant will be given directly to the selected applicant(s).

Upon agreement between the host institute and the IAU General Secretary, a small part of the grant may also be used to complement the basic salary, on the condition that the host institute covers the salary overheads (social benefits, salary and income taxes, personal insurance, etc.) and all other similar legal obligations valid in the country where the host institute is located, so that the recipient should be able to use the full amount of the fellowship freely.

Information on how to apply for the TGF Fellowship 2021 can be found here. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

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