Use of the Logo

Cosmic Light is a project of the International Year of Light 2015. The usage of the Cosmic Light logo should also observe the guidelines of using the IYL2015 logo.

We encourage widespread use of the Cosmic Light IYL2015 logos by individuals and groups who organise or support IYL2015 activities. A Cosmic Light IYL2015 "activity" is here understood to be an event, exhibit, performance, commercial or promotional product, print or electronic publication, or other creation intended to advance the aims of the IYL2015 as described elsewhere on this website.

If you use the Cosmic Light IYL2015 logos on a website or in any other electronic publication that supports hyperlinks, you should link to

As a rule of thumb, the Cosmic Light IYL2015 logos must not be modified. Please contact the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach in case of doubt (please submit your graphics).

The IYL2015 Organising Committee, IAU Officers and the IAU Executive Committee Working Group for the IYL2015 reserve the right to revoke the use of the logo by any individual or group at any time for any reason, and you agree to promptly comply with any such revocation.

All organisers and supporters of Cosmic Light IYL2015 are encouraged to show the Cosmic Light IYL2015 logos on their Web pages and on any printed or electronic materials produced to support the IYL2015.

Note: All use of the UNESCO|Cosmic Light IYL logo shall only occur with the explicit permission of the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach and IYL2015 Secretariat in writing, and shall only be used for the event or events covered by that permission and that any use which in accordance with such permission shall be reported immediately to the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach for corrective action, failing which the IYL and IAU reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the logos.


Translation of the logo

The official logos of the Cosmic Light IYL2015 appears on this page in several formats. We can provide versions of the logo with the text translated into other languages by request. Please visit


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