Using Logos

The IAU Logo

The IAU logo is protected and may not be used or reproduced without the prior and individual written consent of IAU. Owners of external websites wishing to link to the IAU website must obtain prior authorisation to use the IAU's logo for the link and clearly identify the logo as a web link. Using “IAU” or “The International Astronomical Union” in a way that indicates explicit support falls under the same guidelines. More details regarding this are posted here.

The IAU OAO Logo

The IAU OAO logo can be used freely for OAO-endorsed activities and activities by NOCs that align and contribute to the mission and goals of the IAU and IAU OAO. Any other events or activities that do not fall into these categories must receive prior approval from the IAU OAO by sending an email to

The IAU OAO logo cannot be used for the personal profit of the NOCs, nor for the promotion of personal endeavours or ideologies that are not directly related to their science outreach actions and the purpose of their representation within the network. 


In comparison to the IAU OAO logo, the IAU OAO NOC logos are usually used to identify NOC-led national activities. At the NOCs preference, the IAU OAO NOC logo can be used freely and interchangeably with the OAO logo. 

Outreach community members may request a NOC endorsement for their projects. The NOCs are strongly encouraged to permit these organisers to use the NOC logo and/or the OAO logo if the event is relevant at an international level or will have a significant impact at a national and regional level.