IAU e-Newsletter - Volume 2007 n°4

Sent electronically to Individual Members on September 5, 2007
by Karel A. van der Hucht, General Secretary

1. 2nd Call for Proposals for IAU Scientific Meetings in 2009: Symposia, GA-Symposia, GA Joint Discussions an GA-Special Sessions

The IAU is soliciting proposals for scientific meetings in 2009:

For all these scientific meetings, prospective proposers should observe the Rules and Guidelines for IAU Scientific Meetings, as presented at < https://www.iau.org/science/meetings/rules/ >
Note that for meetings held at the GA, no LOC or registration fee to be proposed.

Letters of Intent for IAU Scientific Meetings in 2009 should be submitted to:
Dr. Ian F. Corbett
IAU Assistant General Secretary
c/o ESO
Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse 2
D-85748 Garching bei München
on or before 15 September 2007, in accordance with the Rules and Guideline for IAU Scientific Meetings.

Final proposals have to be submitted to the IAU Proposal Web Server < http://solarphys.uio.no/IAU/ > on or before 1 December 2007, following the instructions given in that Server, and certainly not later than 15 December 2007.

It is essential that the all IAU Scientific Meetings cover important areas of topical interest, demonstrating continued progress in astronomy research.

Members are reminded that proposals for all Symposia, GA-Symposia, GA-Joint Discussions and GA-Special Sessions have to be backed by a coordinating IAU Division and endorsed by a reasonable number of IAU Divisions, IAU Commissions and IAU Working Groups. A report of the communication with Division and Commission presidents on the
proposal has to be included in the proposal. The AGS will appreciate advance notice of such reports. 

Selection of the IAU Scientific Meeting 2009 programme will be made by the IAU Executive Committee and Division Presidents in late May 2008.


2. The International Year of Astronomy 2009

All members are invited to have a look at the rapidly developing activities for the IYA 2009, with worldwide activities planned at national and regional levels.  See < http://www.astronomy2009.org >