IAU e-Newsletter - Volume 2008 n°1

Sent electronically to Individual Members on January 23, 2008
by Karel A. van der Hucht, General Secretary

IAU Executive Secretary Monique Léger-Orine Passed Away

Dear colleagues,

It is my sad duty to inform you that on 22 January 2008 the IAU Executive Assistant, Madame Monique Léger-Orine, died in hospital in Paris, at the age of 64.

Monique has worked since July 1987 as IAU Executive Assistant at the IAU Secretariat in Paris in a most exemplary way, always hard working and highly competent. The IAU is very fortunate to have had such a loyal and excellent Executive Assistant for over two decades of faithful service. Last July we celebrated her 20th anniversary with the IAU Secretariat in Paris.

It had been arranged that Monique would formally retire on her 65th birthday, 29 December 2008, and that she would stay with the IAU as a consultant till after the IAU XXVII General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, 2009. There and then we would have thanked her properly for her outstanding services, amidst the GA participants. Unfortunately, this is not given to us anymore.

Our thoughts are with Monique's son and family. We hope that they can find consolation in the fact that Monique will be remembered well by the entire membership of the IAU.

Monique's mortal remains are presently at Hopital Broussais, 96 rue Didot, F-75014 Paris. The cremation is on Monday 28 January at 12:00 hr, at Crematorium du Val de Bievre, 8 rue Ricardo, F-94110 Arcueil.


Karel A. van der Hucht
General Secretary