IAU e-Newsletter - Volume 2009 n°3

Sent electronically to Individual Members on June 26, 2009
by Karel A. van der Hucht, General Secretary



  1. IAU Information Bulletin 104 on-line
  2. IAU XXVII Genaral Assembly, latest information 
  3. Gruber Cosmology Prize 2009 awarded 
  4. Call for Letters of Intent for IAU Symposia in 2011


1. IAU Information Bulletin 104 on-line

IAU Information Bulletin 104 is online at https://www.iau.org/static/publications/IB104.pdf ,
containing, inter alia,

2. IAU XXVII Genaral Assembly, latest information

The Registration Server for the IAU XXVII General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 3-14 August 2009, is still on-line on http://www.astronomy2009.com.br/index.html . To date 1747 participants have registered. We welcome further registrations.

IAU Information Bulletin No. 104 (see above) presents:
p. 24: Agenda of GA Inaugural Ceremony, First Session, Second Session, and Closing Ceremony;
p. 27: Proposal for modification of Statutes and Bye-Laws;
p. 38: IAU Strategic Plan 2010 - 2020;
p. 42: Submitted Resolutions.

Some GA functions require pre-registration:

On visa issues for Brazil:
The NOC urges all registered participants to verify at http://www.astronomy2009.com.br/visas.html whether they need a visa to enter Brazil.
If this is the case, the participant needs to complete the application form immediately!
US citizens should be aware that it might take more than one month to get the visa. For other citizens, it should usually take a few weeks or less.
To obtain an official invitation letter for visa purposes, please go to http://www.fisica.ufmg.br/~iau2009/lettervisa.html and fill in the form.

3. Gruber Cosmology Prize 2009 awarded

The Gruber Cosmology Prize 2009 and the Gruber Fellowship 2009 have been awarded. See: http://ww.iau.org/public_press/news/release/iau0911/ and IAU Information Bulletin No. 104, p. 63.
The award ceremony will take place during the Inaugural Ceremony of the IAU XXVII General Assembly, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 4 August 2009.

4. Call for Letters of Intent for IAU Symposia in 2011

Proposals for IAU Symposia in 2011 should reach the Assistant General Secretary via the IAU Proposal Web Server https://www.iau.org/science/meetings/proposals/lop/ before 1 December 2009.

Letters-of-Intent should be submitted to the IAU web page https://www.iau.org/science/meetings/proposals/loi before 15 September 2009.

For guidelines: see https://www.iau.org/science/meetings .