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January 2015

Message to the community from the IAU President and General Secretary

Dear Colleague,

This is the traditional moment of the season’s wishes for a new year (at least in Western culture...), and we wish you all a productive year in astronomy and happiness in your personal life.

The new year, 2015, is definitely special for the IAU.

First and foremost, like every three years, this is the year of the General Assembly, which is expected to be the largest ever. It features an exciting scientific program and the introduction of new meeting formats (Focus Meetings and Division Meetings) in one of the world’s capital sites for astronomy, Hawaii, and its wonderful city of Honolulu.

Until then, and like a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, the IAU will progressively prepare for major structural changes at the General Assembly, with an entirely new set of Commissions being established, and soon later, Working Groups.

In terms of interactions of the IAU with the public, the General Assembly will see the final stages of the NameExoWorlds contest for public naming of exoplanets (see the recent Press Release), and a spectacular initiative in the framework of the UNESCO’s International Year of Light and Light Technologies.

While all these activities will be concentrated at the General Assembly, astronomical discoveries will continue throughout the year to fascinate us, as astronomers and colleagues in other disciplines, but also the public at large.

Best wishes to all,

Norio Kaifu & Thierry Montmerle

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IAU General Assembly
Honolulu, 3-14 August 2015 IAU General Assembly 2015

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Scientific Dates & Deadlines

Administrative & Commission Reform Dates & Deadlines

31 Jan 2015
Commission Reform: Deadline for Full Proposals for Commissions

15 Feb 2015
Announcement of 2015 Gruber Foundation Fellowship

1 Mar 2015
Resolutions (non-GA related) having financial implications

1 Mar 2015
Due date for applications for the Gruber Foundation Fellowships 2015


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