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Subject: IAU Symposium 343


IAU Symposium 343: Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars. A Continuing Challenge through Cosmic Time

August 20–23, 2018, during the XXXth General Assembly of the IAU in Vienna, Austria

This IAU symposium 343 aims to build a bridge between research on Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) stars themselves and its application to the modelling of stellar populations and the chemical evolution of galaxies and the Universe as a whole. Current developments and challenges seen from both domains will be discussed to reach an understanding of possibilities, limitations, and needs in both areas, and hence to improve our understanding of the role of AGB stars in the context of galaxies over cosmic time.

Confirmed invited speakers:

Sara Bladh, Orsola de Marco, Bernd Freytag, David Gobrecht, Zeljko Ivezic, Atefeh Javadi, Devika Kamath, Tomasz Kaminski, Amanda Karakas, Chiaki Kobayashi, Eric Lagadec, John Lattanzio, Marcelo Miller Bertolami, Sofia Ramstedt, Philip Rosenfield, Raghvendra Sahai, Letizia Stanghellini, Kyung-Won Suh, Eline Tolstoy, Paolo Ventura, Wouter Vlemmings, Patricia Whitelock, Svitlana Zhukovska


Martha Boyer, Martin Groenewegen, Susanne Höfner, Atefeh Javadi, Ciska Kemper, FRANZ KERSCHBAUM (co-chair), Maria Lugaro, Claudia Maraston, PAOLA MARIGO (co-chair), Shazrene Mohamed, Keiichi Ohnaka, HANS OLOFSSON (chair), Angela Speck, Hans Van Winckel, Peter Wood, Albert Zijlstra


e-proceedings (included in the registration fee):

eds: Franz Kerschbaum, Martin Groenewegen, Hans Olofsson

Since our Symposium is part of the GA 2018, all administrative steps are channelled via the GA official site:

GA web site:




Important deadlines:

Jan. 31, 2018 Deadline of early-bird registration

Feb. 28, 2018 Deadline of regular abstract submission for oral and poster contributions; Deadline of IAU grant submission

May 1, 2018 Announcement of final programs of Symposia, Focus Meetings and Division Meetings

May 31, 2018 Deadline of poster-only submission

June 30, 2018 Deadline of regular registration


See you all next year in Vienna!!!

Franz Kerschbaum, Hans Olofsson, Josef Hron for the SOC and LOC



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