Date sent: 19 December 2017, 17:38

From: Kristen McQuinn and Sabrina Stierwalt (

Subject: IAU Symposium - Dwarf Galaxies: From the Deep Universe to the Present

Dear Division J,

We are writing to announce a symposium for the IAU General Assembly to be held in 2018:

Dwarf Galaxies: From the Deep Universe to the Present

IAU General Assembly Symposium

August 20-24 2018

Vienna, Austria

Scientific Rationale:

Dwarf galaxies are key tools for understanding structure formation and galaxy evolution across cosmic time. These low-mass systems allow us to not only gain a detailed understanding of stellar, chemical, and dynamical properties in the nearby universe, they also provide a unique window into the complex physics of the early universe. We are in an era where increasingly powerful observing facilities and simulations are inspiring new studies of the building blocks of structure at all epochs of the universe. This timely Symposium will bring together the broad dwarf galaxy community, with expertise ranging from local dwarf galaxies to massive star formation in low-metallicity environments, from simulations of feedback in a cosmological context to observations of the faint-end of the luminosity function at high redshift.

Symposium Topics will cover:

  • Local Group Dwarf Galaxies
  • The Interstellar Medium and Star Formation in Dwarfs
  • Metallicity, Massive Stars, and Chemical Evolution
  • The Dwarf Galaxy - Environment Connection
  • Low-Mass Galaxies at High Redshift
  • Dwarfs as Cosmological Probes
  • The Future in Dwarf Galaxy Research

More information on the symposium website:

Register through the IAU:
Early registration and travel grant applications due by January 31, 2018.
Questions can be emailed to:

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

  • Martha Haynes, Cornell University, USA - Plenary Speaker
  • Laura Sales, UC Riverside, USA - Plenary Speaker
  • Hakim Atek, Institut Astrophysique de Paris, France
  • Alberto Bolatto, University of Maryland, USA
  • Andrew Cole, University of Tasmania, Australia
  • Sylvia Ekström, Université de Genève, Switzerland
  • Denise Gonçalves, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Xu Kong, University of Science and Technology of China, China
  • Suzanne Madden, CEA Saclay, France
  • David Martínez-Delgado, Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, Germany
  • Julio Navarro, University of Victoria, Canada


  • Kristen McQuinn (co-chair), University of Texas at Austin, USA
  • Sabrina Stierwalt (co-chair), Caltech, University of Virginia, USA
  • Romeel Davé (co-chair), University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Elias Brinks, University of Hertfordshire, UK
  • Chris Evans, Royal Observatory of Edinburgh, UK
  • Miriam García, Centro de Astrobiolgía, Spain
  • Gerhard Hensler (LOC chair), Universität Wien, Austria
  • Claudia Lagos, University of Western Australia, Australia
  • Janice Lee, IPAC, USA
  • Masami Ouchi, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Mónica Rubio, Universidad de Chile, Chile
  • Yong Shi, Nanjing University, China

We hope to see you in Vienna!

Sabrina Stierwalt and Kristen McQuinn



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