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From: Anna Watts (

Subject: IAU Div D (High energy phenomena and fundamental physics) Bulletin - March 2019

***IAU Division D Bulletin, March 2019***

*IAU PhD Prize for 2019
*Grant applications for IAUS358 on Astronomy for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
*Upcoming Conferences, Meetings, Workshops and Schools

* IAU PhD Prize for 2019

Once a year, each IAU Division has the opportunity to award its own prize to the candidate it feels has carried out the most remarkable work during the year (i.e. a PhD Thesis which has been defended between 16 December 2018 and 15 December 2019). The IAU PhD Prize is open to candidates from any country, regardless of whether the country has an IAU National Membership. The objective is to recognise outstanding scientific achievement in astrophysics around the world even in the early stages of an individual's career.

I would like to count on you in alerting potential candidates, in your country or institution, of this opportunity. The deadline for applications for the 2019 IAU PhD Prize will be 15th December, 2019.

The application form is available here:

The conditions and details for the application are available in the IAU webpage

I would also like to draw your attention to our announcement posted on the IAU webpages:

* Grant applications for IAUS358 on Astronomy for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) will host the first IAU Symposium on “Astronomy for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion -- a roadmap to action within the framework of IAU centennial anniversary” in Tokyo, Japan, from 12-15 November, 2019. IAU grant applications are now open. Please (pre-)register, submit your abstract and application by 15 June 2019.

Official Website:
Early Registration:
Abstract Submission:
Grant Application:

Important Note: This will be a symposium strongly focused on discussions among participants and interactions between speakers and participants. To optimize the dialogues during the symposium and accommodate all needs, the organization has a participant limit. We therefore recommend all interested to secure an early registration soon.

*Upcoming Conferences, Meetings, Workshops and Schools

1st CTA Science Symposium- Exploring the High-Energy Universe with CTA
May 6th-9th, 2019
Bologna, Italy

The International School on Gravity from Earth to Space
May 21-23, 2019
Urbino, Italy

The role of European-led surveys in guiding future SKA1 science (Special Session at EWASS)
June 26, 2019
Lyon, France

GR22 / 13th Amaldi Conference
July 7-12, 2019
Valencia, Spain

High Energy Phenomena in Relativistic Outflows (HEPRO VII)
July 9-12, 2019
Barcelona, Spain

If you wish to share with IAU Div D any information about matters that may be relevant to the activities of Div D Members, please send an e-mail to . This will appear in the next Bulletin, which will be sent out on April 1, 2019. Thank you in advance for your inputs, and best regards.

Dr Anna Watts, Secretary of IAU Div D Steering Committee
Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam


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