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Subject: Division J Newsletter

IAU Division J (Division J Galaxies and Cosmology) Bulletin No. 6; July 2015


* Welcome to new members of the Division Steering Committee

* Reminder to vote on the members of Organizing Committees of the new Commissions

* General Assembly

* Prizes

* Future meetings

* Goodbye from present President and Secretary of Division J


* Welcome to new members of Division J SC

We give a warm welcome to the recently elected new President of Division J,

Claus Leitherer, as well as to the new Vice-President Matthew Malkan and new members of the Steering Committee: Leslie Hunt, Marcella Carollo and Jeremy Mould.


* Vote on the members of Organizing Committee's of the new Commissions:

The coming July 8th is the deadline for voting in the members of the Scientific Committees of the new Commissions. Please visit to know about the candidates!

The list of new Commissions linked to our Division J is:

C.J1 Galaxy Spectral Energy Distributions (Parent Division)

C.J2 Intergalactic Medium (Parent Division)

C.X1 Supermassive Black Holes, Feedback, and Galaxy Evolution (Cross-Division)

C.H4 Stellar Clusters throughout Cosmic Space and Time (Inter-Division)

The complete list of new commissions can be found at:


* General Assembly (webpage:

This is just a reminder of the Symposia and Focus Meetings endorsed by our Division, as well as our Division Meeting that will take place together with the next General Assembly Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, Aug. 3-14:

• Symposia

◦ IAUS 315 – From Interstellar Clouds to Star-forming Galaxies: Universal Processes?

◦ IAUS 317 – The General Assembly of Galactic Halos: Structure, Origin and Evolution

◦ IAUS 319 – Galaxies at High Redshift and Their Evolution Over Cosmic Time

• Focus Meetings

◦ FM 4 – Planetary Nebulae as Probes of Galactic Structure and Evolution

◦ FM 5 – The Legacy of Planck

◦ FM 6 – X-ray Surveys of the Hot and Energetic Cosmos

◦ FM 7 – Stellar Physics in Galaxies Throughout the Universe

◦ FM 12 – Bridging Laboratory Astrophysics and Astronomy

◦ FM 14 – The Gravitational Wave Symphony of Structure Formation

◦ FM 15 – Search for Water and Life's Building Blocks in the Universe

◦ FM 18 – Scale-free Processes in the Universe

◦ FM 22 – The Frontier Fields: Transforming our Understanding of Cluster and Galaxy Evolution

• Our Division Meeting will be on August 7th and 10th:


* Prizes

This section depends on the Division members informing about prizes you have won! Thus it is not a complete list!

1 - Professor Eva K. Grebel (Center for Astronomy, Heidelberg University, Germany) was awarded a 2015 Hector Prize and elected to the Hector Fellow Academy. The Hector Prize is an award across scientific disciplines that recognizes outstanding achievement in research and teaching in Germany. The Hector Fellows are "a community of outstanding scientists, who are recognized by the Hector Foundation for their performance and achievements and teaching." The Hector Prize citation for Professor Grebel notes her contributions to the field of galactic archaeology and studies of the evolutionary histories of galaxies in the local universe. The web site for the Hetcor Foundation is

Congratulations Professor Eva K. Grebel!

2 - In time: as we did not have the newsletter previously, I incentived the members to announce the prizes won since the last Assembly, and the next one falls into this category:

Jerry Sellwood received the 2013 Dirk Brouwer award of the American Astronomical Society for excellence and outstanding scholarship in the field of dynamical astronomy.

Congratulations Professor Jerry Sellwood!


* Future Scientific Meetings (2015 and 2016):

The number of forthcoming science meetings worldwide of interest to our Division is very large. Instead of listing them here, I remind you that these are available at the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre: 2015 Meetings

We also would like to announce what seems to be the only IAU Symposium approved for 2016 that is linked to our Division: IAUS 321 - Formation and evolution of galaxy outskirts, to take place in Toledo, Spain from March 14 to March 18, 2016. The composition of the Scientific Committee is: J. Lee, L. Kewley, J. Koda, C. Mendes de Oliveira, A. Gil de Paz.


* Good bye from the present President and Secretary of Division J

After the next General Assembly, Francoise Combes will be stepping down from the Presidency of Division J and I from the Steering Committee and from the position of Secretary of Division J. We wish all the new members a fruitful term!

Thaisa Storchi Bergmann and Francoise Combes

Thaisa Storchi Bergmann
Chefe do Grupo de Pesquisa em Astrofísica
Instituto de Fisica - UFRGS
Campus do Vale, CP 15051
91501-970 Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil
Phone: 55 51 3308 6443
FAX: 55 51 3308 7286


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