Date sent: 9 September 2015, 09:46

From: Claus Leitherer (

Subject: Welcome message from the Div J Steering Committee

Dear members of IAU Division J Galaxies & Cosmology,

The members of the Steering Committee of IAU Division J (Galaxies & Cosmology) would like to take the opportunity to introduce themselves to all of you. The newly elected members and those serving their second term are:

o President: Claus Leitherer (STScI;

o Vice-President: Matt Malkan (UCLA;

o 1st Term Members: Marcella Carollo (ETH;, Leslie Hunt (Arcetri Observatory;, Jeremy Mould (Swinburne University;

o 2nd Term Members: Andy Bunker (Oxford University;, Stephane Courteau (Queen’s University;, Monica Rubio (University of Chile;

o Ex-Officio Members: Denis Burgarella (LAM;, Bill Forman (CfA;, Avery Meiksin (ROE;

o Advisor: Françoise Combes (Paris Observatory;

We are excited to serve the members of Division J and are looking forward to hearing from you. We would like to know what can we make better in our Division, what new initiatives you would like to pursue, and what are areas of concern.

In the next few months you will receive a questionnaire with a list of specific items for your input. In the meantime, feel free to contact us informally by email. The more involved our members are, the more successful our Division will be!

We would like to remind you that there is an open call for IAU Symposia to be held in 2017 ( The deadline for submitting the full proposal is December 15, 2015. However, there is an earlier deadline of *September 15, 2015* for submitting a Letter of Intent. The Letter of Intent may be short and informal. Nevertheless it is required by IAU rules. We encourage you to strongly consider proposing an exciting symposium in the area of Galaxies and Cosmology. Do not hesitate to contact the members of the Steering Committee with any questions about the process, suggestions for topics, and for support.

Best regards,
Claus Leitherer
President IAU Division J


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