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GA Symposia

Non-GA Symposia

LoI 2018-1953

Title Magnetic Activity, Planetary Climates and Habitability
Location Greenbelt, MD
Country United States
Dates 10 September 2018 to 14 September 2018
Contact Vladimir Airapetian (vladimir.airapetian@nasa.gov)

LoI 2018-1948

Title Long term study of the Sun and space climate
Location Jaipur, http://birlaauditoriumjaipur.com
Country India
Dates 19 February 2018 to 23 February 2018
Contact Dipankar Banerjee (dipu@iiap.res.in)

LoI 2018-1896

Title GA or Non-GA Symposium: Challenges in Panchromatic Modelling with Next Generation Facilities
Location To be determined
Country AA-Country unknown
Dates 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018
Contact Médéric Boquien (mederic.boquien@uantof.cl)

LoI 2018-1945

Title Stellar Pulsation and Evolution Challenges: Synergies between Observation and Theory
Location Nice
Country France
Dates 10 December 2018 to 14 December 2018
Contact Merieme Chadid (chadid@unice.fr)

LoI 2018-1929

Title Small stellar systems: probes of galaxy evolution and the location of star formation
Location Rio Grande do Sul
Country Brazil
Dates 5 February 2018 to 9 February 2018
Contact Ana Chies Santos (ana.chies@ufrgs.br)

LoI 2018-1914

Title NON-GA SYMPOSIUM - Perseus in Sicily: from black hole to cluster outskirts
Location Noto
Country Italy
Dates 14 May 2018 to 18 May 2018
Contact Marcello Giroletti (giroletti@ira.inaf.it)

LoI 2018-1934

Title Red giant stars as Galactic probes
Location Saint-Malo
Country France
Dates 22 October 2018 to 26 October 2018
Contact Benoit Mosser (benoit.mosser@obspm.fr)

LoI 2018-1905

Title Non-GA Symposium: Laboratory Astrophysics: from Observations to Interpretation
Location Cambridge
Country United Kingdom
Dates 2 April 2018 to 6 April 2018
Contact Farid Salama (farid.salama@nasa.gov)

LoI 2018-1915

Title Galaxy Evolution and Feedback Across Cosmic Time
Location Bento Goncalves, near Porto Alegre
Country Brazil
Dates 5 March 2018 to 9 March 2018
Contact Thaisa Storchi Bergmann (thaisa@ufrgs.br)

GA Focus Meetings

LoI 2018-1943

LoI 2018-1938

LoI 2018-1963

LoI 2018-1907

LoI 2018-1921

LoI 2018-1952

LoI 2018-1975

LoI 2018-1913

LoI 2018-1884

LoI 2018-1908

LoI 2018-1970

Title Messaging to ET
Contact Alan Penny (alan.penny@st-andrews.ac.uk)

LoI 2018-1889

LoI 2018-1942

LoI 2018-1946

LoI 2018-1959

LoI 2018-1974


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