Letters of Intent received in 2017

LoI 2019-1982
Star Clusters: from the Milky Way to the Early Universe

Date: 24 June 2019 to 28 June 2019
Category: Non-GA Symposium
Location: Bologna, Italy
Contact: Angela Bragaglia (angela.bragaglia@oabo.inaf.it)
Coordinating division: Division H Interstellar Matter and Local Universe
Other divisions: Division G Stars and Stellar Physics
Division J Galaxies and Cosmology
Co-Chairs of SOC: Angela Bragaglia (INAF-Oss. Astron. Bologna)
Enrico Vesperini (Indiana University)
Chair of LOC: TBD ()



- Formation and evolution of globular clusters at high and low-redshift
- Multiple stellar populations in globular clusters
- Dynamics and evolution of globular cluster stellar content and exotic
populations (IMBH, stellar mass black holes, gravitational waves sources,
compact remnants and X-ray sources)
- Links between globular clusters, nuclear star clusters, ultrafaint
dwarfs, ultracompact dwarfs, and dwarf galaxies
- The Gaia revolution for star clusters
- Globular clusters and satellite systems in the Local Group and beyond
- Extragalactic globular clusters: constraints on the formation and
evolution from integrated light
- Star clusters and dwarfs as building blocks of galactic halos
- Galactic archeology with ongoing and future large surveys
- The future instrumentation from the ground and space



The proposed SOC members for the Symposium "Star Clusters: from the Milky Way to the Early Universe" are:

Gary Da Costa, Australia
Melvyn Davies, Sweden
Mirek Giersz, Poland
Young-Wook Lee, South Korea
Michela Mapelli, Italy
Nadine Neumayer, Germany
Genevieve Parmentier, Germany
Eric Peng, China
Giampaolo Piotto, Italy
Thomas Puzia, Chile
Maurizio Salaris, UK
Alison Sills, Canada
Eline Tolstoy, Netherlands