Division F Days at the XXIX GA

Starting from 2015 each IAU Division will have Division Meetings during IAU General Assemblies. The triennial Division Meetings are scientific meetings with a duration of two days. They should not be confused with the usual business meetings of Divisions and/or Commissions which are organized as Splinter Meetings. Both oral sessions and poster papers are scheduled for the Division Meetings.

The following is the oral paper schedule (with the first author listed) for Division F. The links provide PDF versions of papers provided by the authors.

7 August 2015 FRIDAY

Session 2: Exoplanets

  • Earth Radius Planet in the Habitable Zone of a G2 Star by J.M. Jenkins
  • The SOPHIE search for northern extrasolar planets: Exploring the planet-brown dwarf boundry by P.A. Wilson
  • Ground base search of small transiting planets on bright stars. The arrival of new generation of facilities: NGTS and SPECULOOS by D. Queloz

Session 3: Exoplanets II

Session 4: Exoplanets, Moon, Outer Solar System

  • The polarimetric characters of the earth-like planet by Z. Qu
  • Comets 169P/NEAT and P/2003 T12 (SOHO): Two possible fragments of a common ancestor? by A. Sosa
  • The relation between Trans-Neptunian Objects and Hyperbolic Comets with osculating orbits by S. Nabiyev
  • Modelling the evolution of Comet Siding Spring's activity using Herschel Space Observatory measurements by C. Kiss

Session 5: Outer Solar System

  • Analysis of the morphological structures of comet 1P/Halley in their perihelion passages in 1910 and 1986 by M.R. Voelzke
  • Assessing the Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Comet Churyumov Gerasimenko from Radar Observations and Philae Landing Dynamic by E. Heggy
  • Binary Plutinos by K.S. Noll

10 August 2015 MONDAY

Session 6: Meteors, NEAs

  • About the definition of meteoroid, asteroid, and related terms by J. Borovička
  • Density of very small meteoroids by J. Kikwaya Eluo
  • An automated system for the prediction of imminent impactors by F. Spoto
  • On some selection effects in the discovery of NEAs by G. Gronchi
  • The dynamics of impactors on a synchronous planetary satellite by G.B. Valsecchi

Poster Papers

The complete program for the General Assembly, including the Division F program, is available online at http://www.astronomy2015.org. The program includes abstracts for all the papers, including the accepted poster papers listed below.

  • Double-station observations of meteors: efficiency and optimization by P.M. Kozak
  • Optical observations of meteors in RI Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory by A. Shulga
  • Observation of Near-Earth asteroids in RI Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory by Y. Sybiryakova