Division H Days at the XXIX GA

Starting from 2015 each IAU Division will have Division Meetings during IAU General Assemblies. The triennial Division Meetings are scientific meetings with a duration of two days. They should not be confused with the usual business meetings of Divisions and/or Commissions which are organized as Splinter Meetings. Both oral sessions and poster papers are scheduled for the Division Meetings.

The following is the oral paper schedule (with the first author listed) for Division H. The links provide PDF versions of papers provided by the authors.

7 August 2015 FRIDAY

Session 1: Interstellar and Circumstellar Dust, Diffuse ISM

Session 2: Astrochemistry

Session 3: Milky Way and Local Group

10 August 2015 MONDAY

Session 5: Star Formation

Session 6: Protoplanetary Disks

Session 7: Disks, ISM

Session 8: Local Universe

Poster Papers

The complete program for the General Assembly, including the Division H program, is available online at http://www.astronomy2015.org. The program includes abstracts for all the papers, including the accepted poster papers listed below.

  • Kinematics of the Envelope and Two Possible Bipolar Jets in L1157 by W. Kwon; M. Fernández-López; I. Stephens; L. Looney
  • A young bipolar outflow from IRAS15398-3359 by P. Bjerkeli; J.K. Jørgensen
  • Midplane Ices in the Embedded Phase by M. Drozdovskaya; C. Walsh; E. van Dishoeck
  • Probing the CO snow line in the disk around HD163296 with ALMA by M. Hogerheijde; V. Salinas; M. Carney; C. Qi; K.I. Oberg; D. Wilner; J. Williams; G.S. Mathews
  • The role of the snow line in the dust distribution of transition disks by P. Pinilla; M. Benisty ; T. Birnsitel; L. Klarmann; C. Dominik; C. Dullemond
  • The puzzle of the TW Hya disk mass and its carbon abundance by A. Miotello; M. Kama; E. van Dishoeck
  • Determination of the Local Standard of Rest using the LSS-GAC DR1 by Y. Huang
  • Background Quasars in the Vicinity of M31/M33 with LAMOST by Z. Huo
  • Evidence for Decay of Turbulence by MHD Shocks in the ISM via CO Emission by R. Larson; N.J. Evans; J. Green; Y. Yang
  • A High-Mass Cold Core in the Auriga-California Giant Molecular Cloud by P.M. McGehee; R. Paladini; V. Pelkonen; V. Toth; J. Sayers
  • Quasilinear wave-particle scattering rate in high-beta turbulent collisionless plasmas by R. Santos de Lima; H. Yan; A. Lazarian; E. de Gouveia Dal Pino
  • The Radial Velocity Experiment (RAVE), a preview to what to expect from the Gaia RVS by M. Steinmetz
  • Age-dependent metallicity gradients of the MilkyWay disk from main sequence turn-off stars in LSS-GAC by M. Xiang; X. Liu
  • Researching interstellar medium using millisecond pulsars by X. You
  • Star Formation Activities in the NGC 2024 FIR 4 Region by M. Choi; M. Kang; J. Lee
  • General Catalog of Molecular and Dust Clouds by A.S. Hojaev; A. Kovaleva
  • W
  • Study on the global distribution of far-ultraviolet emission in our Galaxy by Y. Jo; K. Seon; K. Min; J. Edelstein
  • Initial stages of star formation: comparing simulations and observations by J. Malinen
  • Characterizing the small scale structures in the earliest stages of low-mass star formation by M.V. Persson; E. van Dishoeck; J. Tobin; D. Harsono; J.K. Jørgensen
  • The HH 24 Jet Complex by B. Reipurth
  • Moving Groups in the Milky Way Halo and Disk Induced by the Bar and Spiral Arms by W.J. Schuster
  • Fourteen Years of Structural Evolution in the HH 30 Protostellar Jet by K. Stapelfeldt; a. Choudhary
  • Structure and stability in TMC-1 by L. Toth; O. Fehér; D. Ward-Thompson; S. Zahorecz; V. Pelkonen

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