Inter-Division D-G-H-J Commission WG Linking the Imprint of Low and High Energy Processes on Galaxy SEDs


This working group has the main goal to explore astrophysical connections between thermal and non-thermal components in galaxies, with the aim of identifying missing links that can be established between the high-energy astrophysics community, in particular the gamma-ray community and the extragalactic community analysing SED of galaxies, in particular the infrared community. These links are both in terms of identifying physical processes that can be solved in a self-consistent way through theory and modelling, but also in terms of sharing methods and techniques.

Considerable success has been achieved in modelling galaxy SEDs of star-forming galaxies in the UV/optical-MIR/FIR/submm spectral regime, based on a self-consistent analysis of the propagation of starlight in a dusty interstellar medium (ISM). Potentially, these SED models can provide key building blocks for the prediction of the dominant emission channels for the gamma-ray SEDs from the ISM of galaxies in the MeV-TeV range since:

  • they extract the spatial, spectral and directional distributions of interstellar radiation fields (ISRF), which are the targets for the production of inverse-Compton gamma-ray emission emitted by cosmic ray electrons (CRe) in the ISM of the galaxies.
  • they extract the spatial distributions of dust opacity, which in turn is physically linked to the volume distribution of gas targets for the production of gamma-rays through the decay of pions produced in collisions with gas of cosmic ray protons and nucleii (CRp), and through relativistic bremmstrahlung emitted by CRe.

The working group will bring together experts from the fields of high energy astrophysics and SED modelling of UV-submm data to examine ways of extending present-day models for the self-consistent analysis of the UV/optical-MIR/FIR/submm SEDs to self-consistently embrace the MeV-TeV emission from CRp and CRe, thereby providing a quantitative tool for the investigation of the incidence and properties of CRp and CRe in galaxies. The WG will consider several aspects of this challenging problem, with a view to recommending directions for future theoretical and observational study, and identifying missing links that can be explored in the future.


Working Group Members (2)


Inter-Division D-G-H-J Commission Galaxy Spectral Energy Distributions

Richard J. Tuffs

MPI für Kernphysik
Astrophysics Dept
Saupfercheckweg 1
69117 Heidelberg

Phone: +49 622 151 6344
Fax: +49 622 151 6324
Email: richardtuffsmpi-hdmpgde
Organization website:

NCA adherence: Germany

Last updated:
January 17, 2020

Ellen Gould Zweibel

University of Wisconsin - Madison
475 N.Charter St
Madison 53706
Wisconsin (WI)
United States

Email: zweibelastrowiscedu
Organization website:

NCA adherence: United States

Last updated:
January 17, 2020

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