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September 5th, 2020:

Photo contest News: IAU Junior Member PHOto coNtest #IAU_PHOTON!

In accordance with the Junior Members Working Group’ goals, we are pleased to open a photo competition among its members. Through this contest we want to showcase your impact on fellow colleagues, young minds, and wider communities around you worldwide.

To participate in the photo contest please send us photos of you conducting science, lab work, outreach efforts, teaching, and more along with one or two lines describing your photo. You can send us your photos using either one of the methods below.

1.       DropBox: Upload your photo to our DropBox (https://www.dropbox.com/request/m1qM3QWTopNZh5Swt8IA).

2.       Email: Attach your photo in an email to iaujuniormember@gmail.com

3.       Twitter: Just include @IAUJuniorMember and add the hashtags #IAU_PHOTON and  #Astro_IAU_JM to your post.

4.       Facebook: Post it on our Facebook page @IAUJuniorMember (https://www.facebook.com/IAUJuniorMember-103805134448876/).

5.       Instagram: Share it on our Instagram page @IAUJuniorMember (https://www.instagram.com/iaujuniormember/).

We also highly encourage you to use the hashtag #Astro_IAU_JM when sharing your work or a conference presentation on Twitter.

All photos that adhere to the IAU’s policies will be uploaded on the IAU Junior Member webpage (https://www.iau.org/science/scientific_bodies/working_groups/310/). We will also select a photo each month as the Junior Member of the month and share it on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page.

*Disclaimer: By submitting your photo to the IAU JM DropBox, using the Twitter hashtag, posting to the Facebook group, or Instagram Page, you are allowing us to repost this image on the IAU website and in potential advertisements for future conferences. You also confirm that you have the right to share this image with us



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