Working Groups

Working Groups are established by the Executive Committee, by Divisions, or by Commissions, to undertake certain well-defined tasks for limited time periods. Working Groups of the Executive Committee undertake essential functions on behalf of the IAU as a whole.

The assignment of the Working Groups to the new Divisions and Commissions is under discussion and will be listed progressively. There are several 'Functional Working Groups' listed below. These are Working Groups whose scope and purpose are institutional and naturally extend beyond the IAU three-year cycle.

For reference all past Commission's Working groups are listed at the end.

Inter-Commission Working Group Chair Co-Chairs Under
Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture Raymond P. Norris
Commission C3, Commission C4

Inter-Division Working Group



Cartographic Coordinates & Rotational Elements Brent A. Archinal
Division A, Division F Functional
Coordination of Synoptic Observations of the Sun Frederic Clette
Alexei A. Pevtsov
Division B, Division E Functional
Solar Eclipses Jay M. Pasachoff
Division C, Division E Functional

Past Commission Working Group Under
- TG On Asteroid Magnitudes C 15
- TG On Asteroid Polarimetric Albedo Calibration C 15
- TG on Preservation & Digitization of Photographic Plates C 5
Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture C 41
Archives C 41
Asteroid Families C 15
Astrochemistry C 34
Astronomy and World Heritage C 41
Astrophysically Important Spectral Lines C 40
Astrostatistics and Astroinformatics C 5
Atomic Data C 14
CAP Conferences C 55
CAP Journal C 55
Catolog of Orbital Elements of Spectroscopic Binary Systems C 26
Communicating Heliophysics C 55
Coordination of Synoptic Observations of the Sun C 12
Data Bases for Comet Spectroscopy C 15
Designations C 5
Historic Radio Astronomy C 40
Historical Instruments C 41
Infrared Astronomy C 25
Johannes Kepler C 41
Libraries C 5
Maintenance of the Visual Double Star Database C 26
Meteor Shower Nomenclature C 22
Molecular Data C 14
New Media C 55
New Ways of CAP C 55
Outreach Professionalization & Accreditation C 55
Physical Studies of Asteroids C 15
Physical Studies of Comets C 15
Planetary Nebulae C 34
Public Outreach Information Management C 55
Radial-Velocity Standard Stars C 30
Solids & Their Surfaces C 14
Standardizing Access to Ephemerides C 4
Stellar Radial Velocity Bibliography C 30
The IAU Dictionary of Astronomical Concepts C 46
The Radio Astronomy Definition of Continuum Flux Density in Broad-Band SED Observations C 40
Theory of Earth Rotation C 19
Time Domain Astronomy C 5
Transits of Venus C 41
Virtual Observatories, Data Centers & Networks C 5
Washington Charter For CAP C 55

Natural Planetary Satellites C 4, C 7, C 8, C 16, C 20

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