Application Procedure for National Membership

The procedure for submission and approval of a National Membership application is described in the Working Rules (§ II and III) .  A brief summary of the procedures is given below.  Deadlines for proposals to be considered at the IAU XXIX General Assembly to be held in Honolulu in August 2015 is 1 September 2014.

Dues to the Union are paid annually by National Members.  These dues are defined by the Category of Adherence of each country, each category corresponding to defined number of Units of Contribution; National Members with interim status pay one-half Unit of Contribution annually.  The approved Units of Contribution are EUR (euros) 2700, 2750, and 2800 per year for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively.  Contributions for the period 2015-2018 will be fixed by the IAU XXIX General Assembly.




The IAU welcomes National Membership for any country that wishes to promote astronomy.  National Membership resides with an organization that represents the professional astronomical community of that country.   The organization makes application for membership to the IAU General Secretary, at least eight months before the next IAU General Assembly. The General Secretary forwards the application to the Executive Committee for its recommendation to the next IAU General Assembly. (IAU Statutes §IV.5-10, Bye-Laws §I.1-2, Working Rules §II.1-2).

 The IAU Executive Committee bases its decision on information that is provided by the national organization, and which should include:

  1. A description of the organization requesting IAU National Membership, including its role in the astronomical activity of the country.  The basic organizational structure, key personnel, and funding sources of the organization should be explained.
  2. An overview of the professional astronomical activities in the country for the past six years, including a listing of its astronomical institutes, its number of professional astronomers, and its astronomical or astronomical related projects.  Submission of available annual reports is encouraged.
  3. A plan for the development of astronomical research and education of the country concerned in the coming six years.
  4. The class of IAU National Membership the country is seeking, and the Category of Adherence to which it wishes to adhere (Bye-Laws §VII.25).

The IAU Executive Committee would appreciate knowing of specific benefits to local astronomical activity and development that are expected by the National Member from its membership in the Union.

Requests for information and expressions of interest in National Membership should be addressed,

before 1 September 2014, to:

Thierry Montmerle

IAU General Secretary

International Astronomical Union

98 bis,  Boulevard Arago

F-75014  Paris


Formal proposals are due before 1 December 2014.


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