IAU Meetings: Submission of Proposal

This form shall only be used for submitting a Proposal.

This form MUST be used for all scientific meetings proposed to the IAU, selecting a category in the relevant menu below. These meetings are: Symposia held outside of the General Assembly (GA), Focus Meetings and GA Symposia. All fields must be completed, except for meetings held during the GA: the corresponding fields appear shaded and cannot be filled, since the LOC, hotel reservations, registration fees, etc., are handled by the organisers of the General Assemblies.

Deadline for submission: 2 years before the year of the proposed meeting. No additional material will be accepted after that date. Any accompanying document (support letters, etc.) should be uploaded in step 3/4; any such documents sent separately, by e-mail or in any other form, will be ignored.

The submission process consists of four steps:
  • step 1/4: Fill in the form
  • step 2/4: Review the data
  • step 3/4: Upload pdf file (optional)
  • step 4/4: Confirmation

Step 1/4

Proposer details

The proposer, the SOC Chair (if different), and the LOC Chair must all be an IAU members.

Proposed Meeting Details

Is the meeting taking place during the General Assembly?

Format: DD/MM/YYYY

Format: DD/MM/YYYY

Other divisions with an interest in this Meeting
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SOC Co-Chairs
At least 1 is required, up to a maximum of 4.
First NameLast NameInstitutionCountry
SOC Members
In addition to co-Chairs; the total SOC "members + co-Chairs" is 16 maximum.
First NameLast NameInstitutionCountry

Editor(s) of Proceedings
At least 1 is required, up to a maximum of 4. The first name will be considered as the "Lead Editor" of the proceedings and the contact person for the IAU and the publisher.
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The following fields should not be completed, as you have indicated that the proposed meeting is taking place during the General Assembly.
The following fields must be completed for all meetings taking place outside of the General Assembly.
LOC Co-Chairs
At least 1 is required, up to a maximum of 5.
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LOC Members
In addition to co-Chairs; the total LOC "members + co-Chairs" is 3 minimum, 6 maximum
First NameLast NameInstitutionCountry

Registration Fee in local currency
and equivalent in EUR
Expenses covered by Registration Fee (yes/no choice)
     Must be included in the registration fee.
Expected price of Hotels and other accomodation

Scientific Justification

Key Topics
Max. 10 lines.

Key Topics of the Meeting. Not More than 10.

Max. 10-15 lines.

A summary of the strong points of the proposal (science, justification of the place, date, etc.)

Optional: Paste scientific rationale of not more than 3 pages of text.

Optional: Paste program outline of not more than 3 pages of text.
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Support letters as PDF can be uploaded in step 4