Division B Facilities, Technologies and Data Science


The work towards the scientific goals of Division B is supported by its organization's structure that currently include 6 Division B Commissions and 2 Inter-Division Commissions:


B1 Computational Astrophysics IAU Webpage Parent Division: B Members
B2 Data and Documentation IAU Webpage Parent Division: B Members
B3 Astroinformatics and Astrostatistics IAU Webpage Parent Division: B Members
B4 Radio Astronomy IAU Webpage Parent Division: B Members
B5 Laboratory Astrophysics IAU Webpage Parent Division: B Members
B6 Astronomical Photometry and Polarimetry IAU Webpage Parent Division: B Members
B7 Protection of Existing and Potential Observatory Sites IAU Webpage Inter-Division: B-C; Primary Division: B Members
J2 Intergalactic Medium IAU Webpage Inter-Division: B-H-J; Primary Division: J Members External Webpage

The IAU web pages of each Commission contain the information on the current Organizing Committees, the number of members with a link to the full list of members as well as the information on the Working Groups hosted by the Commission. The external web pages (if present) give detailed information on the work of the Commissions.

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