Qualification for Membership and Application Procedure

Membership in the IAU is open to countries (National Membership) and individuals (Individual or Junior Membership). The procedures for submission and approval of applications in the two categories are described in the IAU Working Rules (§ II and III ). A brief summary of the procedure for seeking nomination for IAU Individual or Junior Membership is given below.

Please note that a new category of membership, the Junior Member has been approved at the IAU XXX General Assembly (August 2018). Now researchers who have just completed their PhD in a branch of astronomy/astrophysics can be proposed as IAU Junior Member. The admission of new Junior Members will be evaluated annually by the Membership Committee and approved by the Executive Committee. Junior Membership is temporary and cannot be extended for more than six years. 

  • IAU Individual or Junior Membership. Nomination of a candidate residing in a National Member country

    As a rule, Individual Membership in the IAU is open to scientists with a PhD or equivalent in a branch of astrophysics.

    An Individual Member may be admitted to the IAU by the Executive Committee at the IAU XXX General Assembly (August 2018) on the basis of nominations approved by the National Committee for Astronomy (NCA) in their home country or in their long-term residence country (when no NCA exists, through the Adhering Organization in that country).

    Individuals applying for nomination for IAU Junior Membership should contact their NCA or Adhering Organization (whichever applies), before December 31st, 2018, so that these applications can be processed for approval in time for their submission to the IAU (see below).This date is indicative, and may be adjusted by the NCAs or Adhering Organizations according to the number of Members considered for nomination.  This process follows also for Individual Membership, except they are proposed every three years in the year preceding the General Assembly. The next open call for Individual Membership will be in September of 2020. Junior Membership applications may be submitted annually. 

    The procedure is now electronic, via forms made available by the IAU to the NCAs, or to the Adhering Organizations. For reference, the forms include the full name, date and place of birth, and nationality of the candidate; postal and electronic addresses; the University, year, and subject of the Ph.D. or equivalent degree; the current affiliation and occupation, and the IAU Division(s) which the candidate wishes to join, plus any additional information required by the NCA or Adhering Organization.

    IAU Individual Members and Junior Members do not pay dues to the Union.

  • IAU Individual Membership or Junior Membership. Nomination of a candidate residing in a non-Member country

    Nomination for IAU Individual Membership by a qualified astrophysicist residing in a country which is not National Member of the IAU can be applied for by contacting the NCA or Adhering Organization in a neighbouring IAU National Member country, following all instructions and deadlines given above, or by contacting one of the IAU Division Presidents.

(updated 21 July 2017)