Administrative Dates & Deadlines

Please note that all deadlines listed officially end at 11:59 PM in the IAU office in Paris, France (GMT+1). 


Mar 8 Closure of Candidate Applications for Commission Elections
Mar 8 Closure of Candidate Applications for Division Elections
Mar 15 Deadline for Submissions by the National Members of Honorary Member candidates
Mar 15 GS to send to the Finance Committee the 2020 Financial Report and the Auditor's Report
Mar 25 Opening of Commission Elections
Mar 31 DEADLINE for Applications for the Gruber Foundation Fellowship
Mar 31 Triennial Reports due for Transactions from: Divisions, Commissions and WGs
Mar 31 DEADLINE for for the Review of Individual and Junior Member Applications by the Membership Committee
Mar 31 Grant Evaluations Forwarded to GS + AGS for Final Allocation
Apr 1 Deadline for Proposals to Host the General Assembly in 2027
Apr 1 Opening of the Call for The Gruber Foundation Fellowship Applicants to Submit their Applications for Next Year
Apr 1 DEADLINE for submitting to the GS bid books proposing to host the IAU General Assembly in 6 years
Apr 5 Opening of Division Elections
Apr 12 End of Commission OC Elections
Apr 15 Notification of the Adoption of any Proposed Modifications to the Budget Distributed to the National Members
Apr 15 Deadline for the Finance Committee to Provide the IAU General Secretary with the Annual Report on the Accounts
Apr 19 -
Apr 22
EC Meeting 105 Virtual Meeting
Apr 21 Communication of Complete GA Agenda to the National Members
Apr 25 End of Division Elections
Apr 26 Announcement of the Commission Election Results


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