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Meetings relevant to the scientific topics of Divisions A


If you would like to advertise a meeting on this web page and/or through sending the information to all members of Division A please request the President or Secretary of the Division A.

Creation of new Working Groups


If you have scientific and/or organizational problem that needs a broader discussion and some organizational work, please consider that the IAU may be helpful in advertising it, involving relevant experts and making the outcome more official. The new IAU Rules adopted at the XXVIII General Assembly in Bejing allows Divisions and Commissions to create Working Groups at any moment of time. The administrative overhead for a Working Group is minimal, which makes it an attractive and highly mobile tool. You are welcome to initiate new Working Groups at any time by contacting the Division or any of the Commissions.


Miscellaneous news


  • IAU hosts now the web pages for Divisions and improves the web pages for Working Groups. The web page of Division A can be found here:
    https://www.iau.org/science/scientific_bodies/divisions/A/ or https://www.iau.org/science/scientific_bodies/divisions/A/info/

    The advantages of this hosting are that the Division pages do not have to move every three years and can be modified online by the authorized Division officers. A disadvantage currently is a lower level of visibility of the Division web presence: the web pages are to some extent "hidden" in a rather complex system of menus of the IAU web page. The design and service will, however, be improved.

    Comments or suggestions concerning the form and content of the web service provided by the Division should be forwarded to the President and/or Secretary of the Division A.

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