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IAU S339: Southern Horizons in Time-Domain Astronomy

Stellenbosch (near Cape Town), South Africa,  November 13-17, 2017

Symposium Website:  http://iaus339.ast.uct.ac.za/

Studies of variability constitute immensely important sources of information about how objects in the cosmos form and evolve.  Variability can involve times-scales from a millisecond to a century and beyond, and it can embrace the whole electromagnetic spectrum or just one portion of it. New techniques, new technology, new data-mining skills or just more persistence are extending the realms of time-domain astronomy (TDA) and our capacity to capture information in novel and exciting ways, driving theory and inspiring searches for new kinds of phenomena.  S339 will tackle a broad spectrum of topics by seeking commonalities among quite different kinds of objects that display similar types of variability, drawing information and ideas from the many new and up-coming surveys, particularly those in the southern hemisphere, and opening discussions: Is communication adequate?  Are follow-ups optimal?  Are data-mining tools sufficient?  Specific topics will be examined in Workshops which attendees are invited to organize.


Registration will be open shortly.


Limited travel funding from the IAU may be awarded to students and to those from developing countries.  A link on the website explains the eligibility for grants, and includes the application form required and the dates.




Patrick Woudt (S Africa)

Mark Sullivan (UK)

Rob Seaman (USA)

Elizabeth Griffin (Canada)

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