Division F Planetary Systems and Bioastronomy


Division F deals with our Solar System, extrasolar planetary systems, and bioastronomy.

To this purpose, the Division promotes studies concerning planetary systems, including our own, aimed at the understanding of their formation and evolution, from the point of view of the dynamics and of the physics, as well as of the occurrence of conditions favourable to the development of life in the universe.

Division F promotes the dissemination of reliable physical and dynamical data concerning the astronomical objects in the above fields, and oversees the assignment of proper nomenclature and discovery credits, where appropriate.

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Participating Commissions

Inter-Division A-F Commission Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy
Commission F1 Meteors, Meteorites and Interplanetary Dust
Commission F2 Exoplanets and the Solar system
Commission F3 Astrobiology
Cross-Division A-F Commission Solar System Ephemerides

Division Working Groups

Division F WG Near Earth Objects
Division F WG Planetary System Nomenclature (WGPSN)
Division F WG Small Bodies Nomenclature (SBN)

Inter-Division Working Groups

Inter-Division A-F WG Cartographic Coordinates & Rotational Elements

Nader Haghighipour

University of Hawaii
Institute for Astronomy
2680 Woodlawn Dr
Honolulu HI 96822
Hawaii (HI)
United States

Phone: +1 808 956 6098
Fax: +1 808 956 4532
Email 1: naderifahawaiiedu
Email 2: naderhhawaiiedu
Personal website: http://www.ifa.hawaii.edu/~nader/
Organization website: http://www.ifa.hawaii.edu/

Last updated:
December 6, 2017

Gonzalo Tancredi

Facultad de Ciencias
Departamento de Astronomía
Igua 4225
Montevideo 11400

Phone: +598 2 525 86 24
Fax: +598 2 525 05 80
Email: gonzalofisicaeduuy
Personal website: http://www.fisica.edu.uy/~gonzalo

Last updated:
December 6, 2017

Jean-Luc Margot

University of California
595 Charles E Young Drive East
Los Angeles CA 90095
California (CA)
United States

Phone: +1 310 206 8345
Email: jlmastrouclaedu
Personal website: http://mel.epss.ucla.edu/jlm
Organization website: http://www.epss.ucla.edu/

Last updated:
December 6, 2017

Giovanni B. Valsecchi

Via Fosso del Cavaliere 100
Tor Vergata
00133 Roma

Phone: +39 06 4993 4446
Fax: +39 06 4993 4188
Email: giovanniiapsinafit
Organization website: http://www.iaps.inaf.it./

Last updated:
December 6, 2017

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